Research and Teaching Unit Meeting Minutes - Monday 17th November 2008



Looking at SAS for Amos, problems with accessing help. Put back Xilinx 9.2 as still in use.

This week turning around Bioinformatics rack and looking at SAS and browser support.


Added basic up'ness Nagios monitoring to most of the unit servers, however virtual hosts not quite so easy. Adding straight forward checking for "aliveness" and ports and processes should be easy (look at CheckTCP plugin). There is a Postgres plugin for Nagios already so will use that for monitoring. Check Nagios plugins web site before rolling our own (eg. looks like there is also one for FlexLM). Fixed some errors in the MSc Projects - bulwark is now ready to act as the server.

This week Proofgeneral development, meeting with David today.


Working on database backend for Zope/Plone. Seeing which modules closest match requirements for further testing. Some modules are quite specific to Zope/Plone version, in particular media modules. Started looking at page templates. Fixed a problem with Qualnet license server (was using a specific port but the change to the default flexlm service had broken users outside Informatics as the firewall hole was then incorrect).

This week more on Zope/Plone and Gridengine.


Largely working on modifications to Openconf for DDP2009. Also some modifications to the PAVD process.

This week preparation for lab exams and looking at EUCLID interoperability issues again.

-- TimColles - 10 Dec 2008

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