RAT Unit - Informatics Forum Power Down Weekend of 13th to 16th April 2018

General Servers and Services

The following will be brought down on Friday at 5pm and re-instated on Monday at 9am.

  • sponge (pgresearch)
  • flapjack (pgteach)
  • meringue (Theon)
  • marzipan (Theon)
  • wasserboxer (incorporating test servers: quarter, bumbo, horsforth)
  • commonrail (incorporating zho: svn.theon, burnaby, barclay: webmark, mcgill, daifuku)

Services on MPU VM hosts will be automatically suspended when their host goes down (assume Friday 5pm) and will not be resumed until Monday at 9am.

  • hooch (Ethereum Server (for BDL course))
  • moorgate (ISSRT)
  • queensway (kmart, Knowledge Management RT)
  • southwark (Exam backup server)
  • yak (Theon)
  • bloor (webots licensing)
  • broma (Web hosting)
  • dufferin (license server)
  • eglington (license server)
  • filius (Coltex)
  • goyle (UG4/5/MSc Projects Submissions and Archive Server)
  • islington (license server)
  • kensal (license server)
  • plaistow
  • templeton
  • yuecheng

MSc Cluster

  • tatties (head node for mscluster) will be down from Friday 5pm to Monday 9am or later so the cluster will be up but no-one will be able to submit jobs over the weekend


The MLP cluster will lose a bunch of nodes from 5pm Friday.

  • morris, a KVM server for the security group will get shut down
  • summastore/boxes will be down Friday 5pm to Monday 9am

Individual GPU Nodes

The following nodes will be down from Friday 5pm till some time on Monday. The opportunity will be taken to upgrade to 7.4 and upgrade any firmware so I can't give exact timings for exactly when each will be back available again on Monday.

  • nicolson
  • blackburn
  • yonath
  • Barham
  • chatelet
  • wolfburn
  • buccleuch
  • clulow
  • hodgkin
  • youyou
  • moser
  • pug02
  • quarry
  • inflexible
  • malaya
  • kapok
  • tullibardine
  • tomintoul
  • davie
  • invincible
  • groomlake
  • stkilda
  • rockall
  • swift
  • nelson
  • hessdalen
  • livy
  • elion

-- TimColles - 06 Apr 2018

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