field purpose
host hostname (profile name)
os current OS header / status
category RAT for internal machines, or research/teaching as appropriate
services list of services on this machine
status conversion (or not) status
RT for older research servers, RT detailing its continued need required

colour meaning
sl6 SL6; pending service changes
sl6 SL5; ready to go
sl5 SL5; pending user acceptance / case for conversion
sl5 SL5; pending service/header upgrades
sl5 SL5; will not be converted

Remaining Conversions

fqdn os category services status RT

Decommissioned / Non-SL6 Servers

fqdn os category services status RT
illustrious sl5 RAT ganglia_gmeta_server
powered off
bass sl5 research apache1.3.h (!) rwb to add.
biscuit sl5 teaching temp. dblogin Wiped and scrapped. crumbs in B.03  
castle sl5 teaching webots-licence-server
moved to bloor / biscuit
Not for conversion
cracker sl5 research postgresql-research to be moved to burly  
dendrite sl5 research ex HCRC compute server, now decommissioned retired
elephant sl5 research matlab-research-server moved to dufferin  
genipabu sl5 research simics-server.h data removed to AFS retired
hatchend sl5 teaching issrt-server moved to sloansquare retired
ipanema sl5 research simics-server.h was tepid, now very cold spare  
leblon sl5 research simics-server.h data removed to AFS retired
scimitar sl5 RAT decommissioned made its last carrier landing None
maelcum sl5 research exam-submit server not for conversion
to be split into two SL6 VMs for exam-backup and exam-submit
maida sl5 research simics-flexlm-server.h moved to bathurst
mysore sl5 RAT   Not for conversion None
ossian sl5 RAT decommissioned stripped for spares RT:58127
paddington sl5 n/a   not in use None
perivale sl5 n/a   Not in use None
ruislip sl5 RAT matlab-teaching-server, mathematica-server moved to islington
seavixen sl5 RAT (Contingency SL5) Not for conversion None
snaresbrook sl5 teaching web-services-server Not for conversion RT:56042
wulf sl5 RAT decommissioned stripped for spares Probably none
sannox sl5 RAT decommissioned iIn rack powered off  
seacliffe sl5 research service moved to eglington VMWare, not yet deleted n/a

Converted RAT Servers

host hw os category services convertedSorted ascending
focke SC1425 sl6_64 RAT  
heffalump R900 sl6_64 RAT big memory number cruncher
eglington KVM sl6 RAT brain-brick-tftp-server, qualnet-flexlm-server
victor PE-R610 sl6_64 RAT coltex-server
browne Desktop sl6_64 teaching exam-preparation-desktop (offsite backup)
cure Desktop sl6_64 teaching exam-preparation-desktop (red-hot headless spare in AT-4.11)
fittipaldi Desktop sl6_64 teaching exam-preparation-desktop
stockbridge Desktop gx745 sl6_64 RAT exam-preparation-server
orator PE850 sl6 Research festival demo server
blanik PE-R510 sl6_64 research flybrain-server, tomcat, apacheconf_jk
bocian PE-R510 sl6_64 research flybrain-server, tomcat, apacheconf_jk
embankment KVM sl6_64 RAT infdb-login-server
fondant DL180 sl6_64 RAT infdb-server
shortbread PE-Rxxx sl6_64 RAT infdb-server, etc
cake PE2950 sl6_64 RAT infdb-server, etc.
pepa PE1950 sl6_64 research matlab-research-client
dufferin KVM sl6_64 research matlab-research-server
islington KVM sl6_64 research matlab-teaching-server
phantom PE1950 sl6_64 research mysql server
burly PE-R610 sl6_64 teaching postgresql-research-server (to-be)
flapjack PE-Rxxx sl6_64 teaching postgresql-teaching-server
spadina KVM sl6_64 RAT projects-db-webserver
bathurst KVM sl6 research simics-flexlm-server
puffin PE850 sl6 RAT symposium-server
redbridge KVM sl6 RAT theon-basecamp
stonebridge KVM sl6_64 RAT theon-portal, theon-ui
greenford KVM sl6_64 RAT webmark-server
bloor KVM sl6_64 RAT webots-lserv
marylebone KVM sl6_64 RAT Awaiting use
staffa PE-R715 sl6_64 RAT db.aiai
wasserboxer DL180 sl6_64 RAT KVM Server
broom PE2950 sl6_64 RAT MRG compute server
methven PE1850 sl6_64 research mrg web and compute server

Services / headers for conversion

  • Coltex:
    • coltex-client.h
    • coltex-server.h
  • Cluster / HPC / Tools:
    • =bwrackmount_headnode.h=
    • condor-master.h
    • ganglia_gmeta_server.h
    • gpfs_fileserver.h
  • Exam Lab Environment - exam-desktop.h
  • Exam Paper Preparation:
    • exam-preparation-desktop.h
    • exam-preparation-desktop-client.h
    • exam-preparation-desktop-server.h
  • flexlm server(s):
    • flexlm-server.h
    • matlab-research-server.h
    • matlab-teaching-server.h
    • simics-flexlm-server.h
    • maple-flexlm-server.h
  • Other Licence Servers:
    • webots-licence-server.h
    • mathematica-server.h
  • PostgreSQL services
    • postgresql-server.h
    • postgresql-9.x-server.h
    • postgresql-RAT-server.h
    • postgresql-research-server.h
    • postgresql-teaching-server.h
  • NFS Services - =nfs-server.h=
  • Projects DB web service - projects-db-webserver.h
  • Brain Bricks - =brain-brick-tftp-server.h=
  • RT services
    • mysql-server.h (not historically RAT)
    • =rt3.h=</strike (upgraded to rt4)
    • issrt-server.h (upgraded to rt4)
  • Conference Web Services
    • symposium-server.h disused?
    • openconf-server.h disused
  • Research-Specific
    • flybrain-server
  • Theon Services:
    • Theon portal theon-portal-server.h
    • Theon basecamp theon-basecamp.h
        • postfix.h
        • procmail.h
    • Theon UI - theon-ui-server.h
    • PostgreSQL server:
      • infdb-server.h
      • eventd-server.h
    • Feed functions:
      • infdb-incoming-server.h
        • postfix.h
        • procmail.h
      • infdb-outgoing-server.h
      • infdb-invupload-server.h
      • infdb-lcfgsync-server.h
      • infdb-ldapsync-server.h
    • Legacy conduit services: possibly not required
      • infdb-login-server.h
      • infdb-client.h no longer applicable
  • Web Servers
    • tomcat
    • apacheconf_jk
  • Web Services Server - web-services-server.h hopefully not required
  • Webmark:
    • webmark-server.h
    • apacheconf-waklog.h
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