There is some confusion about the situation with regard to the University's Research Publications Service. This document attempts to clarify things.

The Research Publications Service combines the Edinburgh Research Archive (ERA) and the Publications Repository (PR), creating a consistent archival process for research papers - whether or not they are to be made publically available.

  • The Publications Repository is a closed repository, accessible only from within the University of Edinburgh. It was adapted from the repository created for the Research Assessment Exercise (RAE), with the addition of a new management tool, and can hold all the University’s research outputs. This previously used MySQL, but has been updated to DSpace 1.5.

  • The Edinburgh Research Archive is the University’s open repository, and makes author copies of research papers available to other researchers (publisher versions of the same papers are hidden behind a subscription wall). This previously used DSpace 1.0, but has been upgraded to DSpace 1.5.

Publications for either or both repositories are uploaded individually or collectively, in single-author or multi-author formats, via the publications website (assignment to one or other, or both repositories is done in the post-processing stage by a cataloguer based on metadata and copyright information).

Individual publication submissions are entered manually, by typing in all the details to individual fields. This method can be used by any user, but is time-consuming and tedious.

Multiple publication submissions can be uploaded in a single file, but this file needs to be of the correct format - and will usually be the output of a bibliographic management tool (such as EndNote, RefMan, Bibtex, or ISI).

Once the publications have been uploaded by the user, they still require post-processing - which involves a manual check by a cataloguer for copyright status and quality of metadata (this is currently a bit of a bottleneck).

Once publications are successfully uploaded and submitted, details can then be retrieved from the website. Publications are organised into "Communities and Collections" (which is a categorisation specific to DSpace, and is used in the PR to re-create the formal University hierarchy - communities are groupings such as the University of Edinburgh, the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine and the College of Science and Engineering).

It is possible to retrieve publications lists for individual users via the "Publications List" feature, which generates Java code which can then be copied and pasted onto a web page - this will query the PR and insert an HTML list of citations (currently in Harvard Style) of their publications dynamically. The list can then be ordered by ranking, by date, by type of publication, &c. It is also possible to have this list available as XML - i.e. a URL which will dynamically generate an XML list of publications. (The Java/HTML method is likely to be used for testing publications lists on personal web pages.)

Note that the lists of staff for schools were provided by HR (and are not necessarily automatically generated?).

Note also that the publications list feature is not currently fully-functional in all cases (it is being investigated).

The current PR management tool was developed in-house, but it is intended that it should be replaced by a commercial product, Pure (from the Danish company Atira) - but this should not affect the user (submission) front-end. There does appear to be some confusion over whether Pure has actually been bought, or merely that a decision has been made to buy it, or if it has yet to be tendered for (and a full tender process and implementation could take 18 months to 2 years). Clarification is required - this was discussed at the last CCPAG Committee. There are some concerns about the resources allocated to the current PR management tool and submissions management - this was also raised by CCPAG. For those with appropriate access, these issues are discussed on the CCPAG wiki.

Note that Pure will replace the current Publications Repository's management tool [ is this correct? ], but ERA will stay as a full-text and open access repository (Pure has its own harvesting/upload functions, but it doesn't have a full-text repository). The local developers used JabRef for the front-end of the PR upload mechanism (it is not known what Pure uses).


Publications Repository   Research Archive
  GUI (web)  
Local Tools   ??
MySQL   DSpace


Publications Repository   Research Archive
  GUI (web)  
Local Tools   ??


Publications Repository   Research Archive
  GUI (web)  
Pure   ??


This document is constructed from various emails, manuals, and documention. Thanks to Eugen Stoica, Steve Dowers, Ianthe Hind, and others.

-- RogerBurroughes - 10 Nov 2010

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