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I started looking at EdWeb in December 2014, and actually working on what became web.inf in Jan 2015. Proposed it as a project in August 2015, and it was retrospectively approved April 2016. The practical work has been done, and I've spent 37 days (as of Sept 2017) on various edweb related things, eg meetings, dev, learning. To finish the project just needs the DR procedures and documentation completed - Now Done.

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The Plone WCMS on www.inf has been ignored for years, and is showing its age (though content is/was still being updated regularily). It is mainly used to host the Informatics Student Services and School Services sites.

With the promised impending appearance of an IS provided Drupal distribution, dubbed "EdWeb", we planned to replace our Plone WCMS with one using EdWeb. The KM (Knowledge Management) team wanted the ISS replacement in operation before the next session, ideally August 2015. So I've actually been working on this since February 2015.

Currently we have mostly met that first deadline of August 2015, with the launch of

Most of the technical stuff has just worked. I've "only" had to tweak the theme to remove the large banner image, and change search so that it searches local content, rather than the Uni's central web. [though recent updates to EdWeb mean there is a now an approved way to hide the banner image and use local search].

I've been attending most of the web publisher, EdWeb and UWP tech peer group meetings this year.

Work still to do:

  • EASE/Cosign authentication - this is now working, but not use on live site yet - May 2016
  • roles/LDAP based authorisation (to restrict viewing) - Uni LDAP roles now available with 1.10 of EdWeb and EASE - May 2016
  • Better understanding of Features to make sure our manual config changes remain between updates - Not looked at yet, not needed to.
  • Proper Disaster Recovery - Mirrors are being taken, but process not documented WebInfEdAcUKDisasterRecovery
  • Make a "proper" service with docs and DR, pandemic plans. etc - FinalProjectReport364SchoolEdWeb
  • Generate a DPIA for the service. Completed the DPIA assessment. Full DPIA not required, relevant privacy law compliance is sufficient 1/6/2020

Desirable improvements, but not part of project

  • HTTPS everywhere
  • increase size limit of atoms - Done. Increased to 5MB. Just increased PHP upload limit, which didn't work last time I tried, which was years and several versions ago.

I'm trying to remember to blog at and some other notes at ServicesUnitEdWeb


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-- NeilBrown - 21 Aug 2015

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