LCFG inf level port to Fedora 12

(devproj 132)

This project was expected to take 8 weeks of effort but in the end took 14.3. Much of the port went reasonably smoothly but some of it was a struggle: the large jump in technologies since our last port several years ago meant that there was a lot of work to do, significantly more than usual for an LCFG port. I recommend that in future we attempt an LCFG port at least annually, but perhaps even to every new version of Fedora. The annual port would stop us falling so far behind the current state of technology again and the port to every Fedora would give us the added benefit of being able to offer an optional "bleeding edge DICE" to our users.

The project was virtually finished when it was decided to cease work on it and adapt it to Fedora 13 instead. The work on Fedora 12 saved the Fedora 13 project two to three months' worth of work so was thoroughly worthwhile.

The project benefited a lot from the work done on the LCFG Linux Install Redevelopment (devproj 68) and the port of Inf Unit components to F12 (devproj 167) projects.

-- ChrisCooke - 28 Jul 2010

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