How to access printer control panels via web interface

This allows you to view current status and settings, check toner supply levels etc. You can also log into the Xerox printers as admin.

1. On your desktop, type:

ssh -N -D 8080

2. Start Firefox on your desktop, go to Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Network, and select the 'Settings' button.

3. Configure as follows:

Manual proxy configuration SOCKS host: localhost Port: 8080

Select 'OK'.

4. Now point Firefox to (or any other printer), and things should work as you want.

5. At the end of the session:

5.1 back to Edit>Preferences>Advanced>Network and select 'Use system proxy settings'.

5.2 Ctrl-C out of the 'ssh -N -D ...' command above.


ssh -L 12345:<printer>:443


ssh -L

and point your browser at https://localhost:12345


-- JenniferOxley - 25 Apr 2013

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