Pausing queues

Queues can be paused with the cupsdisable command:

ssh to the printing server infcups, as root nsu.

/usr/sbin/cupsdisable <printer>

You can then lprm ID the top job stuck in the queue. On infcups, grep for any remaining processes using the printer hostname, not the alias, and kill any processes:

ps -ef | grep [proper hostname not alias]>

ps -ef | grep [proper hostname not alias]

Power cycling the printer is likely to be required (e.g. if there's an error message, 49.00FF is common on the HPs) then restart the queue:

/usr/sbin/cupsenable <printer>

Disabling queues

cupsdisable does not prevent jobs being submitted to the queue. If you want to completely stop jobs, and cancel all jobs in the queue, you also need to do the lpadmin and reject commands. These are bundled up in the following handy command:

/usr/local/bin/disable-queue <printer>

To re-enable the queue:

/usr/local/bin/enable-queue <printer>

-- JenniferOxley - 03 May 2013

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