This is a place to add your comments on the password portal, so they don't get forgotten. See also the 12th October Operational meeting.

From Neil:

Under the US unit report about reviewing the password portal, is it worth noting down some of the suggestions made, so they don't get forgotten about. The one I remember was:

Resending the password mail periodically for those who still have not set their passwd.

I didn't say it at the time, but what about introducing a delay before the first mail is sent? If the "I didn't get the mail" problem is because their @SMS account's not been setup quickly enough, perhaps we could wait 1 or 2 days after they appear in our lists, before we send the first mail?

From Toby:

I'm not really in favour of introducing an arbitrary delay - a lot of these students appeared fairly last minute. The issue of sms mailboxes not being set up only affected a handful of users - 15 or so out of maybe 500. I think the resending of the email should catch those.

The important thing I'd like not to be forgotten about is that we review the whole system and procedures before next year, in plenty of time (it was all a bit last-minute this time around). Also, specifically, that ISS check the information they're giving to students is accurate and gives, e.g. a plan B if you don't receive an email.

Oh, and if we could force students to read their sms mail, that would be handy.

-- GeorgeRoss - 13 Oct 2011

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