Pandemic Planning


The purpose of pandemic planning is to ensure that should some event render a large part of the computing staff unable to perform their normal roles, the remaining members of the computing staff have sufficient knowledge to keep critical services running and therefore allow Informatics staff and students to continue working, whether in the School premises or remotely.


Notes of meeting held 19/08/09

Critical services

  • When you are happy with your pandemic knowledge, please indicated that by UPPERCASING your name in the 'Who interested' column..

In the event of a pandemic

  • Please make sure that you add yourself to the appropriate unit mailing lists for the services you cover (see instructions at foot of page for details) so that you can remain abreast of the status of services.

Services With A Skills Issue

Service Lead Who interested Top 5 docs Last Updated
Network gdmr ASCOBIE, TOBY, GDUTTON, CMS Fixing network things 2016-03-18
Serial consoles idurkacz NEILB, TOBY, IAINR Serial consoles 2014-02-13
Remote power mgmt gdmr NEILB, GORDONR Power bar stuff 2014-03-11
Storage arrays neilb CC, IDURKACZ, ALISOND StorageArraysTop5 2014-02-25
SAN switches gdmr NEILB, IDURKACZ Fixing network things 201410-23
LCFG release mechanism cc ALISOND, TIMC, ROGER, RWB ReleasesTop5HowTo 2014-02-18
Package service ascobie CMS, GDMR MPUPackageRepository 2013-09-25
Server Virtualisation ascobie TIMC, CMS, NEILB SimpleKVMDocs 2013-09-25
TiBS cms NEILB, CAROL, LMB, GDMR, ALISOND TibsTop5HowTo 2013-09-30
School DB timc IAINR, SQUINNEY TheonTrac:PandemicTopFive  
Plone neilb CC, TIMC, ROGER PloneTop5 2013-10-01
Mail Services neilb IAINR, GDUTTON MailTop5 2013-10-01
Nagios idurkacz SQUINNEY, ALISOND, GDMR Nagios 2017-01-27
PXE squinney IDURKACZ, ROGER PxeService 2013-09-26
Prometheus toby CMS, GDMR PrometheusOverview 2014-03-10
Drupal/ neilb/ascobie IDURKACZ, ALISOND, ROGER, CC Computing help notes 2013-09-06
Security squinney TOBY, GDMR, IAINR, GDUTTON System Security Notes 2014-09-10
CUPs/Chargeable Printing cms ALISOND, ROSS, JOXLEY PrintServices 2015-04-06
PostgreSQL services gdutton NEILB Unit PostgreSQL Overview 2013-09
blog.inf roger NEILB, LMB, CAROL, GORDONR Blog Notes 2014-02-20
LCFG squinney GDUTTON, CC LCFGServiceInfo 2013-09-26
NX squinney IAINR, NEILB NxAdmin 2014-02-28
Lab examination environment gdutton TBC LabExamsProc#Resilience 2016-01-13

Services With No Current Skills Issue

Service Lead Who interested Top 5 docs Last Updated
LDAP toby (gdutton, squinney) LDAPOverview 2014-03-10
Kerberos toby (iainr, gdutton, squinney,gdmr) KerberosOverview 2013-09-25
Cosign toby (roger, squinney) CosignAndiFriendOverview 2013-09-25
Traditional web        
RT services iainr (alisond, gdutton)    
SSH servers squinney      

-- AlastairScobie - 25 Aug 2009

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