How to change mailing list memberships

  • There are basically 2 ways to do this in Theon - by adding an exception to a mailing list or by adding an appropriate role to a user.
    • All CO Unit mailing lists are generated by virtue of a role so adding a role is more appropriate for these lists.
    • You can also add someone to a list by adding an exception provided the list is automatically generated by the database.
  • All COs have permission to use the legacy (computing) desktop but NOT permission to add an exception via the Legacy (HR/Admin) Desktop.

Adding a Theon role

In the Theon UI visit the panel:

Legacy (Computing) Desktop -> Staff Basic

  • Start a new query for the person whose unit membership you'd like to change. ("person@" is usually the same as "Username" for long-established people but don't assume it. Use "Username" if you know it or try a combination of "Surname" and "Firstname").
  • Under the "role" section, you should see a role of type "Member", for one of the Unit "Institute" entries (ratu, infu etc).
  • Add a new role entry using the "+" button at the right of that section, with appropriate start/end dates, unit and type "Member".
  • For clarification, add something like "for pandemic purposes" to the "Name (if other)" field.

Adding an exception to a mailing list

In the Theon UI visit the panel:

Legacy (HR/Admin) Desktop -> Email List

  • Start a new query for the mailing list ID in the "Elist" field. (Note: this is not a fully qualified list name so the search should not include "". Search for "sys-announce" if you want to see an example.
  • Assuming nothing turns up (which is possible):
    • Add a new list with the outer "+" button, including a description. The format is "xx-yyy@informatics" and not the fully qualified address name.
  • You can then add users by person or by name. Make sure their names are added with status "Include" and with an appropriate start/end date.
  • The list will get updated overnight.

By only adding a user to the exception list, they will not be granted any other capabilities associated with a Unit. For pandemic purposes, you may want then to have these capabilities. This can be achieved by either:

  • Adding membership to a Unit via the roles mechanism described above
    • This gives them all capabilities associated with, for example, the role ratu-member and will add them to the rat-unit mailing list overnight.
  • Adding the ratu-member as a secondary role using the modify_user command.
    • This will add all capabilities almost immediately (allowing time for ldap to update).
    • This will NOT add them to the mailing list so you would need to add them as an exception as described above.

-- AlisonDownie - 15 May 2014

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