Optional Packages for DICE Users

The RAT Unit occasionally provide upgraded software ahead of basic DICE or Teaching/Research Requirement provision if demand is high enough. If inclusion globally would interfere with continuity / compatibility for any reason, software upgrades are provided as option headers.

Visibility of these optional upgrades is generally very low due to the unofficial way in which they're provided. This page is an attempt to list such headers as maintained by RAT, so that they can be added by others without causing conflicts or additional support burden.

End-users should not attempt to modify this page: to request or discuss packages, please file a regular support request using the Support Form.

Available Options

It is important to remember that these packages are not (yet) officially supported, and that problems resulting from their use will require the base DICE package to be restored. However most of these packages are considered stable and many will become DICE default, in time.

Header / RPM Package (Approximate) Version Expected merge
dice/options/emacs-latest.h Emacs 22.3 Emacs 23.1 expected AY 2009
dice/options/mono-latest.h Mono 1.9 AY 2009
dice/options/openoffice3.h OpenOffice 3 AY 2009
dice/options/vlc.h VLC 0.9.8a Not planned (though update to 1.0 pending)
dice/options/ruby-packages.h Miscellaneous Ruby Additions/Updates (specifically for Webgen) * With F12 maybe, for AY 2010

Installed, non-default package versions:

This section explains where non-default versions have been installed on DICE alongside regular pakages, or where older versions are being maintained (but we'd like to remove them).

Package Vers. (Default) Command; Location Expected merge
python 2.6 2.4 python-2.6; /usr/lib/python2.6/ Only when SL5 updates
eclipse 3.4 3.3 eclipse-3.4; /opt/eclipse3.4{.1}/ Not planned

Previously Available Options

Past headers, where obsoleted but still present, or now used DICE-wide, should be placed here:

Header Package Comment
dice/options/cxoffice5.h CrossOver Office 5 No longer supported
dice/options/fuse.h FUSE Now IN R&T
n/a jdk-1.5.0_16 Deprecated (no longer provided by SL5)
dice/options/mercurial.h Mercurial Now in R&T
n/a netbeans-5.5 Replaced by netbeans6.7 AY2009
n/a netbeans6.0 Replaced by netbeans6.7 AY2009
dice/options/R-latest.h R v2.9 Now in R&T
dice/options/virtualbox.h VirtualBox Now IN R&T
dice/options-postgresql-8.4.h PostgreSQL 8.4 Now in R&T
dice/options/firefox3.h Firefox Default SL6 version now ESR

-- GrahamDutton

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