Discussion Topics for Forthcoming Operational Meetings

At the operational meeting held on the 10th of October 2007, it was agreed that in an effort to stimulate discussion in the operational meetings, a list of topics for discussion would be maintained.

The next Operational Meeting will be on 27th May 2020. Please add your discussion topics below:

  • rootmail - idurkacz - 22.5.2020
    • Discussions in the cos chatroom on jabber.inf.ed.ac.uk last week show that there are very different opinions on both the value of rootmail, as well as its current and future handling. (See https://jabber.inf.ed.ac.uk/logs/cos/2020-05-21.html#t16:59:40 and https://jabber.inf.ed.ac.uk/logs/cos/2020-05-22.html#t08:06:12.) Before the associated Jabber logs are permanently lost, it might be useful to get some consensus about how we are handling such mail, and what the purpose of it really is. This isn't simply an implementation issue for Services Unit; it's is as much a question of policy. Note that that the current 'staffmail' implementation of rootmail can be expected to completely vanish at some point. I have two suggestions: 1. Direct much more rootmail to specific Unit mail targets in the first place; 2. Direct the rest to a mailman archive which has a lifetime of a couple of weeks.
    • neilb writes:
      • In case I forget to mention it at the meeting. mailman would not be good it doesn't make for easy searching, as there is currently no automatic archive option. One of the benefits of staffmail/O365 is that (in theory) people can use their preferred email client to search the rootmail messages.
      • I agree that there's probably a better way, but I also don't see the harm in keeping things as they are. It is more or less a "no cost" option for us, and I certainly find it useful (even though it is occasional) to have that archive on tap to go back and search through. Without me having to keep my own local copy of rootmail from "my" machines.
  • Trello - the MPU has recently started using Trello to keep track of tasks - 8th April

To add votes for a topic, please add either a '+' to indicate interest or a '-' to indicate uninterest. One vote per person please!

Topics discussed in 2020:

Topics discussed in 2019:

Topics discussed in 2018:

Topics discussed in 2017: Topics discussed in 2016:

Topics discussed in 2015

  • FRB closure - 9th December
  • Security week
  • AFS - 11th November
  • Christmas - 11th November
  • Windows on DICE - 23rd September
  • VM Migrations - 9th September
  • Are we happy with Gnome (as opposed to Gnome Classic) as the default for new users? - 9th September
  • Internal Documentation - 26th August
  • Eating in labs - 26th August
  • Automatically re-enabling accounts - 26th August and 9th September
  • IPMI problems - 12th August
  • IS Root Certificate... - 12th August
  • Fail2ban configuration on SSH service - 12th August
  • Waking machines in the greater AT network area - 8th July
  • Jabber - 10th June
  • Restricting dmesg access - 10th June
  • What should Yesterday point to? - 27th May
  • Spending - 13th May
  • Verbal report from SCICOS - 13th May
  • Tardis move - idurkacz - 22nd April
  • DICE Desktop disk usage / EL7 partition layout - 11th March
  • Prometheus lifecycle and additional roles/entitlements - 11th March
  • Informatics Jamboree 27th March
  • Potential MLH in mid-March
  • roles without a corresponding rfe role/XXX file
  • Should we continue to patch bash as we have done in the past ? - 11th Feb
  • Perf: We removed perf on security grounds some time ago. This software will be needed by the CDT cluster and we've had a few requests to reinstall it. Is it still a security issue? Could it be more secure? should we put it back generally? or on demand? - 11th Feb
  • Should visitors be on the sys-announce mailing list ? - 28th January
  • It is proposed that, from SL7 onwards, the DICE installer will request one's admin principal early on in the install process - 28th January
  • Subnets in the Forum meeting rooms - 14th January

For older topics, please see OperationalMeetingDiscussionTopicsArchive

-- CraigStrachan - 28 Aug 2009

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