Actions from the Operational meetings

When raised Who What Comments Deadline
14/04/21 Alastair, Iain, others Brainstorm re SSDs and RAID ... and update SpecifyingaDellServer as required  
10/02/21 USU Identify scripts in coutils area which should be supported.    
25/11/20 All Review pages on Everything prior to July 2019 - Sorted 'Pages with last reviewed date' list
Inf Unit and Services Unit done
End March 2021

Blog entries

The blog is here.

When raised Who What Comments

Deferred actions

When raised Who What Comments Bring back
26/11/14 ALL units Review nagios use The objective is to minimize the numbers of machines/services which are in permanently "error'ed-and-ack'ed" states. Refer to the Nagios Tactical Overview and Comments pages. May (recurrent)
11/01/12 ALL units Minimise rootmail   June (recurrent)
08/10/2014 All Units Review pages in pages sorted by last review date July (recurrent)
03/11/15 ALL Review "nograce" entitlements   July (recurrent)
13/01/21 Inf Unit Use entitlements rather than roles in remote.inf and lab.inf DNS zone generation scripts   September
01/07/20 ALL Review "nograce" entitlements   October (recurrent)
07/10/2020 All Units Review VMs and delete unused/unwanted ones   October (recurrent)
13/01/2016 All Units Review rack use in IF, AT, KB and remove unwanted kit   October (recurrent)
26/11/14 ALL units Review nagios use The objective is to minimize the numbers of machines/services which are in permanently "error'ed-and-ack'ed" states. Refer to the Nagios Tactical Overview and Comments pages. November (recurrent)
11/01/12 ALL units Minimise rootmail   Dec (recurrent)
27/01/2016 All Review pages in Sorted 'Pages with last reviewed date' list January (recurrent)

Completed actions

When raised WhoSorted ascending What Comments
24/02/21 Alastair Update the list of supported platforms Done
17/02/21 Alastair Take issue of firming up default rules for support for self-managed servers to CEG  
26/06/19 Alastair Ask IS how they manage server room incidents The University's out-of-hours policy is here See minutes
01/07/20 Alastair Chase whether Fortinet VPN bug has been fixed  
24/01/18 Alastair To investigate using Teams (rather than Slack) for alternative chat current status
27/02/2019 Alastair Raise issue of School office using Google calendar with Martin Project created to cover work
Structural Review Alastair Consider devolved budgets for units  
24/01/18 Alastair Discuss AT furniture proposals with Martin See specific suggestions in Section 4 of the Inf Unit Report for 8.8.2018
25/10/17 Alastair Propose to Stuart Anderson that students-in-grace should not have access to lab machines Stuart has agreed
Structural Review Alastair Consider devolved budgets for units Budget of 500/Unit agreed
23/08/17 Alastair Add "migrate to https" to Computing Plan  
22/02/17 Alastair Follow up "functional accounts" with Angus / Abdul Report scheduled for 26/4/17 CCPAG meeting. Toby will coordinate our eventual response.
10/02/2016 Alastair Security week Each group met to discuss priorities - See CEG report Alastair to write up notes from CEG meeting on 4th May. (being tracked at CEG)
27/04/2016 Alastair Printing, VAT - discuss with Martin  
27/04/2016 Alastair Attendance monitoring - Feed back concerns  
09/12/15 Alastair Discuss priorities and panic buttons with HoS Exams have priority
11/11/15 Alastair Arrange groups for and set date for security review Now next year
2015-09-23 Alastair College encryption policy  
2015-07-22 Alastair Chase up Campus agreement  
TDM 21/05/14 Alastair Investigate Mobile AV options further Transfer to techs though RT
25/02/15 Alastair Check status of SL7 partition layout  
12/02/14 Alastair Service Catalogue Take topic to CCPAG. Delayed until next CCPAG meeting  
09/07/14 Alastair Schedule/advertise "computing structure discussion" discussion Alastair to write up meeting
08/10/14 Alastair create wiki page with bullet points for CO structure meeting Done
08/10/14 Alastair Change title of holidays page subsequently done - wiki page created
12/02/14 Alastair Service Catalogue Review/remove fields in service catalogue Now being tracked at CEG
28/04/10 Alastair circulate grade 8 competency framework  
24/02/10 Alastair follow up on 24/02/10 "home directories" discussion  
11/02/10 Alastair Ask Dave Robertson and Gordon about Building Committee minutes Apparently not published (yet??)
13/01/10 Alastair Text messages to be sent to willing COs and policy on subsequent action to be decided. Take to CEG
11/11/09 Alastair Raise issue of forwarding homepages with Perdita  
24/06/09 Alastair Talk to Perdita and Dave Robertson about further steps we can take to promote social communication within the school  
25/02/09 Alastair Move network tester to 2.09 Done; please remember to sign it out when you use it
11/02/09 Alastair Investigate whether access to the installroot should be limited to HOST_MANAGED In release mechanism
22/11/17 Alastair / George Review and update the compromised machine instructions moved to CEG
25/03/2020 Alison Support staff accessing user's own machines to debug problems. No longer relevant.
28/08/19 Alison Speak to Iain about GPU desktops  
23/04/18 Alison IS unchaperoned server room access? Alison to document CEG decision with regards to this - see here
10/01/18 Alison Raise issue of Bayes support at CEG Bayes people are to be treated as Informatics staff for the present
23/11/16 Alison Ask Mohammed to mention mac-user mailing list when new kit goes out Done
2015-08-26 Alison Flesh out Campus documentation See Windows section
29/01/14 Alison www.anc/dtc Met Pim. www.anc/dtc will move to new Wordpress site on Mon 16th Nov
2015-09-09 Alison Email returning students re SL7  
25/02/15 Alison Organise CO talk at jamboree  
28/04/10 Alison take concerns over new web site to health and safety committee  
28/10/09 Alison Create wiki page to record machine problems requiring reboot Linked from us-unit wiki page
14/10/09 Alison Check both invquery and minv provide accurate info. They don't but will be fixed as part of inventory project
24/02/10 Alison (documentation project) follow up on 24/02/10 AFS discussion Tracked as part of documentation project
27/02/2019 Alison/Jennifer Produce "get started" guide for new O365 users Mostly pointers to other documentation
12/11/14 alisond set up meeting about visitor accounts Tuesday 2nd at 14:00 in IF-4.02
14/01/09 alisond Investigate severe outage user communication options Done
01/07/20 ALL Review "nograce" entitlements Services, MPU, Inf, US done
09/01/19 ALL Pandemic Planning We Name The Guilty!!!!!! - now completed! (22/01/20)
29/01/14 ALL Consider festival of creative learning week removed from Action list until further notice (22/01/20)
03/11/15 ALL Review "nograce" entitlements Done - Services, US, Inf and MPU
27/03/19 ALL Consider which further entitlements should be removed from the staff role  
27/02/2019 All Mail Stephen with comments/suggestions about recent data incident Meeting arranged for end March
29/01/14 ALL Consider festival of creative learning week  
27/01/2016 All Review pages in Marked as completed before next reoccurrence comes along in July
25/04/18 All Machines in rack 2 managers of these machine liaise with each other to spread the load across both banks.
14/02/18 All Try out the replacement NX service see  
11/04/18 All Move/delete data from nix:/disk/huge Done - thanks to Neil
09/08/17 All All SL7.2 servers to be upgraded to SL7.3  
29/01/14 ALL Consider festival of creative learning week  
28/06/17 All remove sl6 profiles that are no longer required by end of August. Stephen will send out updated list
23/08/17 ALL Review InformaticsFunctionalAccounts page, and update as required  
08/02/17 ALL Add new and past console funnies to the wiki page CrazyConsoleAKABrownEffect
11/11/15 ALL Read Toby's roles-management problem statement TheProblemWithRoles ServicesUnitNograceEntitlements
12/10/2106 ALL Ensure SL6.8 upgrades are done Including kernel reboots as necessary - see SL66Profiles
29/01/14 ALL Consider innovative learning week There seems to be some doubt about when this is (and what it's called now)
12/10/2106 ALL doodle over Christmas lunch Details Deposit to Neil please
14/09/2016 All Consider importance of static IPv6 addresses  
27/04/2016 ALL Clear out old SL6 profiles Stephen has nagged about sl6 profiles SL6OfficeMachines. Support will investigate non-CO machines
09/12/15 All Reduce noise in lcfg status reports  
2015-08-12 ALL Comment on advice on Internet safety now published
27/04/2016 ALL Server specification Re-read and comment on the document
13/01/2016 ALL Think about KVM servers and VMs with end users Here's a discussion document: On the segregation of KVM guests All to read for next Operational Meeting
13/01/2016 All Tidy inappropriately-develop machines  
27/01/2016 ALL Check/label kit in B.03 Anything not claimed by end-February will be assumed to be no longer required.
2015-08-12 All Start using new VPN configurations See blog. Old configurations turned off on 2nd November
25/03/15 All Help out with 5th May exams if possible Roger and Neil offered to help
Structural Review ALL Check and update telephone contact list Done
25/07/09 ALL Send partition layout thoughts to Stephen  
23/06/10 ALL Consider Craig's suggestion of doing the KB EVO firmware upgrade during the Forum power-down Agreed that this is a good plan
09/06/10 All Units to consider their future server needs  
12/05/10 All Forward suggestions for additions to self managed server room web page  
14/04/10 All reboot servers requiring SL5.4 updates  
13/01/10 All Decide on an appropriate procedure for shutting down self-managed servers Discussed at 10/03/10 meeting
13/01/10 All Define the criticality of machines Now waiting for mp-unit work
28/10/09 All Start planning move from FH Complete!
13/01/10 All Ensure that all machines in the server room have their corresponding entries in the fpdu/sxx.outlets maps labelled correctly  
13/01/10 All Investigate best use of temperature monitoring. Part of cc project
13/01/10 All Test out the new query tools as per RAT report for 13/01 completed
11/11/09 All Complete pandemic actions to be tracked at CEG
28/10/09 All Move kit from BP  
09/09/09 ALL Reboot machines as soon as possible for latest kernel  
23/09/09 All Consider Neil's discussion point about exporting group data  
12/08/09 All Reboot servers to pick up SL5.3 by end of August Overtaken by latest kernel
24/06/09 All Consider whether it will be practicable for us to turn off AMD on servers once the AFS based RPM service is available Merge with other AMD action
22/07/09 All Check cron logs. Checksum problem with hostname has caused lcfg-cron configure failure in some instances No longer necessary
22/07/09 All Consider plans for moving kit from FH Wiki page available
08/04/09 All Move kit from BP and FH - aimimg towards 2 sites + off-site at JCMB merged with another action
07/10/2020 All computing staff Computing staff to use Ubuntu by default  
13/01/2016 All Units Remove unused kit from racks in IF, AT, KB  
07/10/2020 All Units Review VMs and delete unused/unwanted ones  
26/11/14 ALL units Review nagios use The objective is to minimize the numbers of machines/services which are in permanently "error'ed-and-ack'ed" states. Refer to the Nagios Tactical Overview and Comments pages.
30/09/20 All Units Have SL7.8 upgrades done by Christmas  
08/10/14 All Units review pages in Everything prior to Jul 2018 - pages sorted by last review date
26/06/19 All Units Complete upgrade of remaining servers to SL7.6 Done - Services, US, MPU and Inf have 2 to go
26/06/19 All Units Complete upgrade of multi-user servers to SL7.6  
27/03/19 All Units Check which services depend on the Staff role and Linux group Services - Now all done
26/09/18 All Units Have servers upgraded to SL7.5 by end October  
13/01/2106 All Units Clear out unwanted machines from racks in IF, AT, KB  
10/01/18 All units Check whether web sites under their control are still using Allow/Deny configuration directives Switch was made, not much seems to have broken
10/01/18 All units Move all servers to SL7.4 Deadline amended to end of April 2018
28/03/18 All units Prepare reports for scheduled JCMB and Forum power-down reminder email sent out 28/03/18
13/09/17 ALL Units List "http:" sites Neil will create project to cover move of sites to https
11/01/12 ALL units Minimise rootmail Not sufficient to worry about
26/11/14 ALL units Review nagios use. The objective is to minimize the numbers of machines/services which are in permanently "error'ed-and-ack'ed" states.
26/11/14 ALL units Review nagios use. (Recurrent action)
11/01/12 ALL units Minimise rootmail  
13/01/2106 All Units Review rack use in IF, AT, KB Old kit can be put in B.03 but please ensure serial number or name of machine is clearly visible. Services to arrange removal of old tape library
11/01/12 ALL units Minimise rootmail  
27/05/15 All units Review IF rack usage See ForumRackPopulation . See cos emails dated 8/7 about USB ID dongle information
2015-06-24 All units Review rack use in IF, AT, KB    
13/05/15 ALL units Review nagios use The objective is to minimize the numbers of machines/services which are in permanently "error'ed-and-ack'ed" states. Refer
27/08/14 All Units all servers to be running SL6.5 by end October Nearly there!
26/11/14 All Units Review nagios use. The objective is to minimize the numbers of machines/services which are in permanently "error'ed-and-ack'ed" states.
2015-09-23 ALL/Neil/Alison Christmas lunch suggestions discussed 14/10/15 - Neil sent out doodle poll
22/10/08 ascobie Approach School re contribution to Christmas lunch Done
22/10/08 ascobie Put holiday policy on CEG to-do list Done - on CEG wish-list
08/10/08 ascobie Investigate availability of central bulletin board service Done - the service has been suspended indefinitely
10/09/08 ascobie Find holidays policy page Done
10/09/08 ascobie Look at whether can add remote USB connector for SmartBoards onto lecterns being tracked at meeting room committee
13/08/14 AT dwellers Agree room occupation for level 8 Done
01/07/20 Carol Check new Uni VPN issues See email of 1st July. Suggests someone else should try. Carol has offered
13/09/17 Carol Sweep of FH for junk A14 now clear of all Informatics stuff. A15 has had an uplift from CCL. Some of the remaining desktops will be going to charity and some need to be brought to the Forum
25/10/17 Carol Amend decommissioning procedures to add removal and storage of disk brackets. There is now a large purple tub in B.03 labelled "Disk caddies for servers"
25/10/17 Carol Investigate access rfe access requirements of technicians Technicians emailed. Gibert has responded saying that he needs access to the switch files. Garry responded saying he also needs this access plus uses rfe to look at lcfg profiles of machines.
10/10/2018 CEG Review initial 30-day account-use period 45-day period agreed and implemented
2015-08-26 CEG Consider reallocation of older kit  
Structural Review CEG Formalise and resource support for self-managed platforms Discussed and being tracked at CEG
Structural Review CEG? Organise another documentation week Pencilled in for November 2015
03/03/21 Chris Investigate adding information about power usage to Tartarus Being tracked internally by MPU
01/04/20 Chris Email out another reminder about remote working Done on 02/04/2020.
12/06/19 Chris Produce script to allow toohot to be easily used by self-managed machines Done amended action - mailed selfmanaged-sr with howto details
27/02/2019 Chris Add reference to Overleaf to
27/01/2016 Chris Investigate Virtual DICE diffs Done, and linked to from here
2015-09-23 Chris lightdm WM choice menu image Updated (picture).
11/03/15 Chris Check the toohot component on Dell 730s Done
10/12/14 Chris Find home for dumpdep notes Where's my software?
12/08/09 Chris Mail out details of proposed cron job start time changes Done
12/11/14 cms update Pandemic planning page to say that people should add themselves to appropriate mailing lists  
10/09/08 Convener Check/Redo Operational meeting room bookings Done until end of year
10/09/08 Convener Raise "Server Decomissioning Procedure" at CEG Done
10/09/08 Convener Raise "Disaster Recovery Procedures" at CEG Done
10/09/08 Convener Raise "server reboots for 5.2 upgrade" at CEG Done
30/09/20 Craig Raise issue of Mosh service at CEG CEG agreed that if this was to be done, it should be as a dev project. Replied to RT ticket (RT103876) asking them to submit project but the requester replied that this was no longer needed by him.
05/08/2020 Craig Update front page of password portal  
01/07/20 Craig Publicise advice for macOS AFS users to update client  
25/03/2020 Craig Investigate more effective use of Teams for on-line meetings  
11/09/19 Craig Clear spurious bookings for AT-7.14 Done - we don't appear to have had any other bookings for this room.
12/06/19 Craig Take issue of server room monitoring back to CEG  
12/06/19 Craig Discuss with Alastair how to expedite load-shedding Alastair meeting with Jane on 13/6/19 to discuss
27/03/19 Craig Raise issue of more transparent recruitment at CEG  
27/02/2019 Craig Raise issue of ISS using Google calendar with Neil H See above
10/10/2018 Craig Check password portal wording  
23/04/18 Craig Take unmaintained personal web pages to Web Strategy Group  
28/09/2016 Craig Document Auristor client for self-managed Windows machines auristor
25/01/17 Craig Check whether Tibs 3 client works with TiBS 2 server and whether this would fix sierra issue It doesn't. There's a project to cover the TiBS3 upgrade
27/07/16 Craig Discuss MDP/MFD printer accounting with Martin  
23/03/2016 Craig investigate redirecting autofs debug output away from syslog.  
09/12/15 Craig On-line exams and pandemic list? Documentation here
2015-08-12 Craig Take IPMI issue to CEG MPU and Inf Unit will discuss
12/11/14 Craig review password portal rewording Done
2015-06-10 Craig Create a jabber project Done
10/12/14 Craig Take issue of copyright images on webpages to Web Strategy Group Sub-group to be set up by Steve Scott
TDM 21/05/14 Craig Further investigation of mobile printing To be submitted as a project. Done.
10/12/14 Craig Take issue of copyright images on webpages to Web Strategy Group  
26/11/14 Craig Mac mini and VirtualBox. documentation
08/10/14 Craig review pages in Procedures for use with the new Mac Mini - merged with other mac mini action
10/12/14 Craig Move actions from computing structure discussion discussion to operational meeting done
09/07/14 Craig Tape library dust filters? Doesn't have them
09/07/14 Craig Poll for TDM options Last Wednesday afternoon of month
11/06/14 Craig Document use of CO gs/2010-07-14/inf-unit-report.html][Inf Unit report, 14.7.2010]]
12/08/09 Craig take the proposals for a new general purpose Informatics mailing list to Dave Done
11/03/09 Craig Investigate MFD costs Action adopted by CEG
13/09/17 Craig / Toby Discuss purge of old AFS admin IDs  
22/07/09 Craig/Toby Thrash out final solution for keytabs Done
10/09/08 gdmr Fix routing component to allow static route to be added via LCFG resources
13/08/08 gdmr Potential gap in off-site provision Taken to CEG
13/08/08 gdmr Unblock IRC ports Done
27/06/18 George Create project to cover actions arising from server room notification investigation DevProj #558
24/04/13 George Fix the wire_*.h headers Only the Forum managed DICE wires remaining.
28/06/17 George SLAAC-style forward DNS for server wires All now done. A handful of non-server wires remain.
10/01/18 George Create no-slaac option for dns/inf6 rfe map See the inf-unit report
10/01/18 George Create project to address deprecation of legacy style rsyslogd rules #452
22/11/17 George Review rsyslog rules Easy part done. George to create project to cover hard part
13/12/17 George Find out if there's a spare corner of the KB College server room for the old tape library There is
22/02/17 George /netmask versions of subnets header files live/subnets_nm.h (see the inf-unit report)
26/10/16 George Core switch firmware See the inf-unit report
27/07/16 George IPv6 on wire M Done
09/12/15 George "external connectivity" page It's here. Suggestions for improvement welcome!
2015-10-28 George Add iptables to SL7 desktop project Done, with a mid-December deadline
01/07/09 George Document how the host keys of the ssh servers can be preserved during upgrades Subsumed by wallet project
10/05/2016 George / Graham IPv6 for student labs No exams in labs so no requirement
14/01/15 George/Alison Set ports in all Forum meeting rooms to Conf110 apart from existing DICE ports which should be MAC-locked Done.
2015-08-26 George/ALL Set up meeting to discuss internal documentation FutureofInternalTechnicalDocumentation Action kept until week scheduled
TDM 21/05/14 George/Toby/Neil Documentation for VPN on iOS/Android Android - draft
28/09/2016 Gordon MacOS Sierra Only remaining issue is lack of TiBS support
2015-09-09 Gordon Check SL7 printing to IS "charged" queues Done.
03/02/21 Graham Update crichton to deal with sudo not being installed Updated but not yet committed
23/11/11 Graham Generated mailing lists and grace periods GracePeriodsMeeting2013 - project proposal incoming - now being tracked in Unit
10/06/09 Graham mail out with details of autoreboot mechanism Ongoing
03/03/21 Iain Check out Forum rack 1 power arrangements  
17/06/2020 Iain Make proposed changes to ILCC GPU server PSU configuration  
10/01/18 Iain Investigate setting up disc zeroing station  
24/01/18 Iain review School Data Protection statement  
10/02/2016 Iain exFAT legality awaiting guidance on signing of NDA
12/05/10 Iain make platspec header entries explicitly SL5  
13/11/2019 Iain, Support Improve documentation for GPUs in labs. Confirm access to machines and access to level 9 Chris is producing something
14/08/2019 Iain/MPU Investigate issues with cluster file server installation Iain to contact MPU
13/05/09 Iain/Toby/Alastair Take "certificates" to CCPAG. No longer needed
28/01/09 iainr move beowulf profiles to normal LCFG servers and decomission illustrious Done
13/08/08 iainr Collate responses re proposed University's Source Repository Done, being tracked at CEG
10/02/2016 Ian SMSR power down - Create an 'Emergency' page on See and
25/09/19 Ian Talk to School procurement about investigating the power requirements of prospective purchases
13/03/19 Ian Investigate IPv6 and Nagios Done. See the Nagios and IPv6 item of the Inf Unit Report, 27.3.2019.
25/04/18 Ian write a report on what is happening in AT server room Done - see email to cos 3/5/18
24/01/18 Ian Investigate how to best test IPv6 firewall holes see minutes
27/07/16 Ian Document current serial console use Done: RS232SerialConsoleProvision2016Review
27/07/16 Ian Speak to IS re ESSIS replacement Done: no action required by us; some problems/issues (namely: limitations on allowed number of users; deficiencies in the scheduler) with the previous service have been fed back.
28/04/10 Ian look at splitting UPS mailing list Mailing list not split; instead, KB UPSes reconfigured to send email alerts as necessary every 12 hours, not every 2 minutes
14/04/10 Ian Clear shelf space in Forum server room  
28/10/09 Ian Look at power management for machines with IPMI v1.5 Documentation
10/02/2016 Inf NUT service for SMSR Now an Inf Unit project
22/10/14 Inf Compile notes on extracting firewall information See our "how the network filtering works" document and our 2014-11-12 report
13/11/13 Inf ask IS what actions they are proposing to take re signing ed and its subdomains See inf-unit report. Expected in F/Y 2015-16
30/09/20 Inf Unit Arrange for lab.inf and remote.inf mappings to be regenerated daily  
11/09/19 Inf Unit Chase up problems with AT server room alarm keypad  
11/09/19 Inf Unit Provide Person At Work sign for AT server room  
24/07/19 Inf Unit IPMI password length bug RT#96635
27/02/2019 Inf Unit Send out general warning about AT server room power work  
10/03/10 inf-unit Front-page for self-managed server room Initial skeleton
24/02/10 inf-unit document bonding issues see here
13/05/09 inf-unit Mail out to if-people re. wireless Done
11/03/09 inf-unit console server provision in self-managed server room Done
12/11/08 inf-unit Arrange tools for server rooms Done
10/09/08 inf-unit Coordinate forum server room rack rotation and floor grill replacements Done
23/07/08 inf-unit Wireless in the Forum Done; RT:37791
13/08/08 inf-unit Various Forum server room things Done
23/07/08 inf-unit Unify naming of switches with floorbox ports Done, Feb 2009
22/10/08 ktd Put actual number of tickets in RT resolution reports Done wef 12/11/08
13/09/17 MP Unit Reconsider "real" serial consoles for KVM hosts  
28/06/17 MP unit Post mortem on KVM server crash Results inconclusive
14/04/10 mp-unit CUPS not to be running on servers by default More than just servers?
10/03/10 mp-unit Document power-button handling options  
24/02/10 mp-unit add profile resources for machine criticality On mp-unit's list
11/03/09 mp-unit Look at om disowning credentials Done. Fix in release cycle
28/01/09 mp-unit Change DIY DICE root password Done; ask Alastair if you need to know it
10/09/08 mp-unit Make DBAN easier to use On MPU to-do list
10/02/21 MPU Take on ownership of wake script in coutils area  
22/01/2020 MPU Chase kernel upgrades  
25/03/2020 MPU Create header file for Dell PE740xd2 Will be in stable release next week.
01/04/20 MPU Update MOTD on XRDP servers  
24/10/18 MPU Add banners to XRDP hosts if possible
10/01/18 MPU Document procedure for returning failed discs to Dell Done
13/12/17 MPU Review procedures to be followed when a machine goes self-managed, particularly the deletion of the DICE host principal Wiki page created
26/07/17 MPU produce script to monitor package volume usage  
26/07/17 MPU Adjust quotas for package volumes  
25/01/17 MPU Produce script to fix "dracut" issues Stephen ran cron job
28/09/2016 MPU Set up script to mail out monthly firmware update reminders Now on MPU to-do list
28/09/2016 MPU Add investigation of SL7 multi-homed issue to to-do list RT#79713
08/06/2016 MPU Look into issue of KVM guest segregation and present recommendations Recommend a separate server for non-CO access.
27/04/2016 MPU Logging and reporting of unexpected USB events? included in Security week action
27/04/2016 MPU HP 800 G2 and/or BIOS pages Transferred to MPU list
2015-09-23 MPU Add encryption of tmp and swap to <develop> Done (in stable of 11/11/15)
2015-09-09 MPU DICE_STICK_WITH_SL65?  
2015-08-26 MPU Investigate usage of pkgsearch  
2015-07-22 MPU Document configuration and user experience of Fail2ban Added to MPU to-do list
2015-07-22 MPU Produce documentation on how to locate packages under the new setup How to find packages
2015-0610 MPU What does sync mean on a KVM client? On MPU list
2015-0610 MPU Consider descriptive KVM pool names On MPU list
10/12/14 MPU Investigate how local facilities for syslogd should be allocated On MPU list
22/10/14 MPU Compile notes on dumpdeps How to use dumpdeps
10/09/14 MPU MPU should consider adding MSI fix for HP DL180 bonding problems to appropriate server headers Done
09/04/14 MPU Move the BMCs of all KB servers to the new KB server management subnet Stephen has moved BMCs, Ian confirmed
27/01/10 MPU Consider periodic file reconfiguration (om file configure) issues On mp-unit's list
22/02/17 MPU / Inf hosts / DNS ordering Now on MPU list
2015-09-09 MPU / RAT Review and update SL7 release notes  
11/03/15 MPU, RAT Consider likely FibreChannel requirements Services unlikely to expand. 8Gbps would be good to have. 6 per fabric.
27/07/16 MPU/Alastair Document SL7 KVM migration issues? Done, in SimpleKVMDocs and SimpleKVMHost
08/03/2017 MPU/Inf Look into time sync problem on VMs - possibly create script to report VMs with wrong time script done - no general problem noticed
2015-10-14 MPU/Inf Wire headers &c. - Discuss points raised in section 4 of Inf Unit report - e.g. eth0 or not?; &c. MPU believe sufficiently discussed. eth0 point will have to wait on NG network component
2015-10-14 MPU/Inf lcfg-dns - Discuss points raised in section 6 of Inf Unit report  
2015-09-23 MPU/Inf named on SL7 See the inf-unit report MPU/Inf to meet to discuss.
22/10/14 MPU/Inf Investigate AT network problem - why is data being lost/corrupted see RT 68813
2015-06-10 MPU/RAT Check current rootmail situation Neil's figures are here.
01/04/20 Neil Update VNC documents  
25/03/2020 Neil Start page on debugging remote working Initial page at
fail2ban meeting Neil Look at logging all Apache logs centrally Fixed problem of logging to multiple places, but better done by project 540
11/09/19 Neil Ask Dave H. to look into sound deadening screens for AT-7.07 Ticket in forum issues RT 97845
27/02/2019 Neil Investigate how O365-using Schools handle root mail RootMailOnO365Summary
10/01/18 Neil Create project to cover move of http: sites to https: Done Project 454
13/09/17 Neil Coordinate our thoughts on the "open area" furniture  
08/03/2017 Neil Speak to Jon about request for web address - Done - DNS delegated to us
28/09/2016 Neil Check and mail out details of disk install issue Done - post to cos - basically how do you make sure which disk a machine installs to
11/11/15 Neil Agreed suitable mail log retention period with RAT and update wiki retention page with same Done, and updated
13/05/15 Neil Point "Contact Us" link at non-DICE support form Done
26/11/14 Neil Take "web pages with DP issues" to a TDM Did this as an AOCB on the 26/11/14
24/06/09 Neil Produce new guidelines on how to work around the issues with AFS and ssh public keys Updated "top 10"
25/02/15 Neil/Alastair consult records management about archived home directory RM responded.
2015-06-10 Neil/Chris Update not-a-service documentation Updated
08/10/14 Neil/Tim Consider alternative cgi server We did have a chat. Neil will check the current write access to the cgi directory, and Tim will put moving the affected exam mark pages to a dedicated VM
12/07/17 Neil/Toby Have chat about ciphers ApacheCipherChat20180222
10/09/08 neilb Take "recycling of old machines" to ITPF There's a talk coming up...
18/11/20 RAT Deal with remaining machines with QuoVadis intermediate certificates  
13/01/2106 RAT Review rack use in IF, AT, KB  
26/11/14 (recurrent) RAT Review nagios use. The objective is to minimize the numbers of machines/services which are in permanently "error'ed-and-ack'ed" states. Refer to the current Nagios 'comments' page. Reminder: CEG has decreed that systems should be fixed promptly or removed from monitoring.
11/05/2016 RAT All Support team members should have access to Visitor tab in Theon Done.
13/05/15 RAT Update SSL certificates beast.inf, issrt.inf, rt4.inf - completed
09/12/15 RAT Check dufferin's root mail Done
27/01/2016 RAT Lecturer/TA-created VirtualBox images? Moved to RAT to-do list
12/11/14 RAT Look into producing seminar specific email lists for staff/students/etc tracked in TRAC
13/01/10 RAT Ensure shutdown of beowulf cluster is more manageable Tested but needs someone else to test
2015-06-24 RAT, US Review rack use in IF, AT, KB Forum 'non-fibre' racks (i.e. racks 6-14 - see the map) are particularly full. baphomet, ratte, stakhanov to be removed 13/11, roseval (now removed), scargill to be virtualised
13/01/2016 RAT/Inf Subnets for clusters Tracked at CEG, using wire 'O' for now
27/01/2016 RAT/MPU Student lab headers  
11/11/15 Roger Document for users the ability to scan to USB EnablingUSBonMFD (now user doc, linked from exam machine guide)
2015-07-22 Roger Take issue of package names to LCFG deployers meeting  
15/01/14 Ross/Jennifer Pandemic actions Names now 'upper-cased'
22/01/2020 Services Investigate wiki speed Additional virtual hardware seems to have helped a bit
12/02/2020 Services Staffmail removal implications  
08/10/14 Services Trawl for pages restricted by ip address rather than via cosign No active ones in /teaching, leaving about 6 active ones elsewhere
fail2ban meeting Services Add fail2ban to git and gerrit  
08/10/14 Services Trawl for pages restricted by ip address rather than via cosign Neil identified 6 to be fixed - I've fixed the ones I'm going to
27/04/2016 Services Schedule WordPress upgrades on going - going to SL7 them at the same time
11/05/2016 Services Cloud printing - speak to other Schools about their experiences with Cloud printing  
09/12/15 Services Can users go negative with print credit? Yes, due to discrepancy between what software thinks the page count will be, and what actually gets printed by the printer. Workaround in progress. Being tracked in services todo list.
11/11/15 Services Make sure arrangements for visitor printing are sufficiently widely promulgated  
2015-09-09 Services Update re quotas Done
2015-07-22 Services Investigate measures to reduce blog comment spam, also added a link to this page to new blog email, and first post page.
27/05/15 Services Make Yesterday point to readonly volumes It's on the list
27/05/15 Services Review Yesterday documentation Done -
22/10/14 Services Investigate AFS aspect of AT network problem see RT 69292 - dropped due to inability to reproduce problem
14/04/10 services follow up on 24/02/10 AFS discussion: wrapper for long-running jobs, scripts server to be included in AFS enhancements project
03/02/21 Services Unit Update Ubuntu self managed AFS documentation Add information covering 18.4 release
14/12/16 Services Unit Arrange for removal of tape library from KB server room Removed!
28/09/2016 Services Unit Investigate options for allowing dynamic quotas to cope with large downloads DynamicAFSQuotasIssue1 - Raised at CEG. UG3/4/5 and MSc will get full quota from the start
08/06/2016 Services Unit Query users about NAS box purchases Several interesting points have emerged, it would appear that it's not all about cost.
08/06/2016 Services Unit page for small NAS boxes
12/11/14 Services Unit Change Tape Library power arrangements  
30/07/14 Services Unit Move final AFS DB server off of KDC Added to Services Unit todo list
26/08/09 Services Unit Removal of AMD from servers RemovingAMDFromServers see action on ALL to act on Neil's list
09/07/14 Services-unit Add bonding issues to BondingProblems MPU to investigate. See also this week's inf-unit report
12/08/09 Simon produce short note summarising the School's position on the use of EASE passwords with services and comment on use of AD subsumed by central doc
24/06/09 Simon Chase up production of documentation on how to install jabber clients on supported OSs Done
14/01/09 squinney Email a server example for auto reboot Done
22/10/08 squinney Arrange Christmas lunch Done
10/09/08 squinney Create install CD for Optiplex 755 Done
23/08/17 Stephen Enable apacheconf log compression fail2ban is on the MPU ToDo list
24/05/17 Stephen Move apacheconf logrotate "sharedscripts" to lcfg layer  
27/04/2016 Stephen Open area UG access rights Tighten up - done - uses new @login/forumpublic/console role
2015-06-10 Stephen Circulate dmesg proposal On the MPU list
23/04/14 Stephen Discuss pandemic "security" topic with interested parties  
09/07/14 Stephen Survey partition use and disc sizes and revise and expand EL7PartitionLayout  
10/06/09 Stephen send out mail detailing ancient entries in live_testing_defaults.rpms Done
23/08/17 Stephen / Graham /home and exam lockdown  
fail2ban meeting Stephen/George Define range of local network addresses Some added to live/subnets.h and live/subnets6.h, but likely still incomplete
08/10/14 Support Clarify COs entitlement to Dreamspark agreement Entitlement confirmed but will write up - see DreamSpark
08/10/14 Support contact Records Management regarding the reconciliation of accounts. Discuss at meeting on 2nd December
13/08/08 support Chase down "temporary dhcp" usage Done; RT:37705
26/06/19 Tim Progress on remote resits  
25/02/15 Tim investigate why transmit and receive checksum unloading was disabled in the DICE virtualbox host configuration (It has now been enabled) Tim will investigate only if this becomes an issue in the future.
14/04/10 Tim Inform Stuart and/or Teaching Committee of news service news  
14/10/09 Tim Confirm what data on maelcum needs to be kept  
14/10/09 Tim Inform support about the 'round-robin' changes for ssh'ing to lab machines  
12/08/09 Tim Look into politics of managing hamburg Done
11/03/09 Tim and Alison Clarify exam procedures with the ITO Action adopted by CEG
09/12/15 Tim/Alison On-line exams and FRB closure Confident we now have sufficient skills. Phone contact with RAT is sufficient if required.
10/06/09 Tim/Alison talk to CSTR about BP servers Ongoing
26/08/09 Tim/Alison Fix inventory problems with HP desktops progress made but still problems with MDP machines - now fixed
13/01/2016 Tim/George On-line exams and EdLAN issues: schedule test No longer relevant
26/08/09 Tim/Stephen Create separate LCFG branch for on-line exam machines completed and documentation now added to lab exam procedures
27/01/21 Toby Investigate reporting scripts for entitlements done - co-utils/prometheus/entitlements-summary
05/08/2020 Toby Ensure Wiki page covering access to server rooms during COVID19 crisis is updated  
13/12/17 Toby Consider consequences of making "no-grace" the default some thoughts - PrometheusNoGraceDefault, move to CEG
10/05/17 Toby make list of existing functional accounts available. Done
23/08/17 Toby New student account emails Then a month allowed by password portal to fix up things forgotten
08/03/2017 Toby Create project for 'sorting' roles Done
11/11/15 Toby Write a roles-management document for discussion TheProblemWithRoles
25/02/15 Toby Document how to query roles on the prometheus server Done - started RolesFAQ
28/01/15 toby Investigate handling of kerberos credentials during SL7 install It looks like kdcregister doesn't store any credentials on disk, so this isn't an issue
12/11/14 Toby look into intermediate certificates Not possible at the moment but perhaps Summer 15.
TDM 21/05/14 Toby iOS Authentication Investigations complete. Written-up
24/06/09 Toby Add to the AFS FAQ details on how to use kerberised ssh on supported OSs Done
24/06/09 Toby Produce a web page detailing how to manually add signed server certificates when reinstalling services which use these certificates Done
10/06/09 Toby mail out about upcoming Cosign v3 upgrade Done
25/03/09 Toby Poll ITPF re. EASE principals IS are consulting
12/11/08 Toby Advance warning of loss of staffmail accounts, possibly via IDMS feed? Done
12/11/08 Toby Look at LDAP logging Done
10/09/08 toby Email timetable for installing new Informatics root certificate Done
27/04/2016 Toby / Stephen / Others Discuss fail2ban configurations Meeting scheduled - 18/08 10am, IF-1.15. All welcome. Fail2BanMeeting20160818
25/10/17 Toby/Jennifer Document procedure for creating roles/entitlements to grant access to individual machines. Done
13/05/09 Toby/Simon Think about afs principal (cf. chatroom) principal will be deleted
26/10/16 US Write a page on exFAT options  
26/10/16 US Notify cos of exam dates once known US report
27/04/2016 US Server room desktops Done
09/12/2015 US bioboy disks wiped, boxed and put in B.03
09/12/15 US Review SL7 tickets, and pass to MPU/RAT as required Upgrades have been restarted
27/01/10 US Reconfigure ex-mars machines with root partition on large disk Done
08/11/17 US Unit Remove unrequired Tech access Done: the capability rfe/lcfg/write has been removed from the role techs. (See item 2 of
22/10/08 US unit Download SmartBoard drivers and make available to members of School Done
13/12/17 US-Unit Check self-managed status of CDT machines Checked. 7 DICE, 10 Linux. No-one is dual booting.
24/09/14 User Support Investigate information given to new users about passwords Confirmed that text on pp.inf and in email sent to users needs to be changed. Confirmed that IS do not send anything that might cause confusion
28/04/10 User Support Mail users about introduction of fail2ban  

-- CraigStrachan - 28 Aug 2009

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