Staff Moves to AFS (25/06/2007)

User Old Partition New Partition Quota Who Scheduled Completed Comment
bhaddow       Ross     runs jobs > 10hours
jhender6 ptn021 sphinx vicepl   Ewan 2007/07/06 2007/07/06  
landers7       Nobody     ex-staff?
mkabadjo       Nobody     uses ssh public keys
nmayo       Ross     sometimes uses cron
gspittle ptn068     Ewan      
mbarnes ptn068     Nobody      
mcryan ptn068 sphinx vicepl 5G Ewan 2007/07/25 2007/07/25 should be OK
wadler ptn068   6G Jennifer 2007/07/09 2007/07/09 schedule between 28th June and 12th July
ajarman ptn095     Nobody      
dch ptn095     Nobody     OK
dkoppad ptn095 sphinx vicepl   Ewan 2007/07/06 2007/07/06 OK
gordon ptn095 sphinx vicepl   Jennifer 2007/08/03 2007/08/03 OK
mc ptn095     Ewan      
mtribast ptn095     Ewan      
jniekras ptn083 phoenix vicepf 5G Ross 2007/10/18 2007/10/18  

-- AlisonDownie - 25 Jun 2007

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