Tips/comments on move to office365 mail

Please add comments/thoughts about the move to office365.

  • IS office365 documentation needs to be updated
    • A "differences between staffmail and O365 might be useful" eg Junk Mail, IMAP bugs/performance
    • Required use of Native Outlook to achieve certain things? What can't you do via the OWA
    • Cater for "New Outlook" web.
  • Filtering
    • What does and doesn't work. You can't simply filter on "From", re. issues with mail received via mailing lists.
    • No form of wildcards/regular expressions
    • Turn off default Junk E-Mail filter, IS own docs don't apply to New Outlook.
  • Should we expect O365 to be a drop in replacement for staffmail, or are we supposed to change our work flow to suit O365? It seems to be the latter.
    • If only using staffmail IMAP then in theory O365 should be a drop in replacement, but it does perform differently, see later. And if you do any Sieve filtering on staffmail, that's not going to work on O365.
  • Alpine users
    • everyone using alpine should probably enable "Ignore Size Changes" under "Advanced User Preferences"
    • expect real-time operations to be slow, including aggregate multiple-message changes. Deletion takes a linear ~0.1s/message.
    • For one digest list I get, alpine no longer shows the contents of the digest now that my mail is on O365. It must be doing something to the MIME digest attachment. Actually it seems temperamental, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. They show in OWA or native.
    • The recent change of the clocks to BST wasn't being reflected in messages. The setting "Convert date to localtime" seems to have fixed it.
  • Names and addresses
  • SMTP server
    • Which SMTP server are we advising people to configure and use? Microsoft's own O365 SMTP server? A.n.other? There are implications for the 'From:' address people will end up seeing, at least.
  • Apple Mail (macOS)
    • If you filter and file messages using Apple Mail's "Rules", remember to edit each rule that files messages into an IMAP folder, to change that folder to the Office365 version - otherwise the Rule will continue to file your mail into the Staffmail version of the folder!
  • Calendar events from email. Though I have this turned off in the OWA settings, some emails are generating entries in my O365 Calendar. I190315-1138

Alt docs

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