Updating Users during a Service Disruption

Planned Service Disruption

In advance of the disruption:

  • Unit ensure that Support team have been given details
  • Support consider impact on users and raise any issues with appropriate Unit.
  • Unit update the Service Alert page - computing.help.inf.ed.ac.uk/statuspage
  • Unit should email sys-announce (or smaller selected group) with details including estimated timeout.

On day of disruption:

  • Unit put initial message on computing.help status page
  • Unit keep support updated on progress.
  • Support update web pages/notice boards if initial planned downtime looks to be exceeded.
  • Support chase Unit for regular updates if not kept informed.
  • Support/Unit consider visiting individual users/using display screens if disruption exceeds planned downtime.
  • Once resolved, Support contact users by email, remove notices and update status page. Possibly visit individuals.
  • Unit ensure interruptions page is updated.

Un-planned Service Disruption

  • Ensure both relevant COs and support are aware of problem.
  • computing.help status page should be updated if possible by C(S)O identifying problem.
  • COs and support should assess the extent of the disruption.
  • One or more COs and 1 CSO should be nominated as contacts.
  • Nominated CO and CSO should devolve information to respective teams.
  • Consider Self-Managed server room protocol.
  • Support should email users affected and update Service Disruption page after confirming content with CO.
  • Support should send tweet to infalerts
  • Email should include brief explanation and estimated downtime if possible.
  • Status page should be updated regularly.
  • Support contact ISS if disruption affects students.
  • Use notice boards in Forum, support area and printer areas.
  • Support to consider using display screens in Forum.
  • Support to consider visiting Forum offices admin staff may be able to help.
  • C(S)Os should use chatroom. If unavailable, try alternative jabber service details on pandemic planning page.
  • C(S)Os consider sending emails to provide updates on progress.
  • Support ask for half-hourly updates and keep notices up to date.
  • Once resolved, contact users by email, remove notices, update status page. Possibly visit individuals.

-- AlisonDownie - 07 Mar 2012

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