Technical Meeting 250615

There was a discussion about kraken /vicepx becoming 100% full.

A 1Tb volume has 500Gb available space. Users may not be aware of this. Group space should not be over subscribed.

Running out of space causes problems. Not sure if all data is lost or just data beyond 100%. Large volumes seem to be worse.

Should we move data and stop using, take offline and use RO or remove RO on same partition?

There was a discussion about encryption. Is some encryption better than no encryption?

We are testing v6.12 wire encryption for client - server. This starts at machine boot. Is the overhead worth it or would it be better to use VPN?

Relatively easy on SL7, on as standard on Windows but not MacOS. Uses an old cypher.

Open AFS is no longer being developed. Should we be looking beyond AFS? YFS is available but costly. NFS v4 is available but broken. Other filesystems are available but there is a cost in money v usablity.

-- LindseyBrown - 02 Jul 2015

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