Technical Meeting 220114


Neil asked if 'prelinking' was going to cause any problems in SL7-- should we turn it off as was suggested previously. Chris replied that 'prelinking' is going away in SL7.

The default in SL7 is 64 bit, there will be no 32 bit version.

Graham asked about testing to see if it exhibited the same performance issues that the rat unit experience with some of their servers. (desktops seem to perform better than some servers) As SL7 will not be in place for some time it was suggested that a 30 day trial should be downloaded and used for testing. Alternatively a different OS eg Centos could be tested as the issues may be OS related.

Stephen is looking at Centos but one major issue with it is there is no support for older versions.


A discussion of the decision not to write new components with shell scripts. Graham would like python to be used.

A discussion about using drones prompted by a request to purchase one for a student project.

The COs iPad is available with a cos apple ID. The account will be topped up from an iToken so credit card details are not required.

The question of advising users not to upgrade the mac OS to Maverick was raised. AFS for Maverick is now available although there is still no official download. Craig will test.

Access to afs-group on a shared area is manageable by users without intervention from Support. Incorrectly removed groups can leave trailing ACLs behind. fs cleanacl is the command to use in this case. afs-group should not be used for Teaching.

Next Meeting

Craig will invite interested staff/phds to next meeting.

-- LindseyBrown - 22 Jan 2014

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