Technical Meeting 190314

Bugzilla Replacement

Gordon has been investigating various options for a Bugzilla replacement. Our version of Bugzilla is up to date but newer versions may not work in SL7. OS upgrades have been tracked in bugzilla but not recently.

We have 2 instances:

  • bugzilla.inf - used mainly by mp-unit

rat-unit use Trac for Theon. This was chosen to manage the project as it provides integration between all aspects of the project, not just a list of notes. It includes a wiki, documentation and links to code.

The issue to be decided is whether we want something for issue tracking or project planning or both. Code review may also be useful.

Commercial software may or may not be available.

  • IS have Atlassian Jira
  • FogBugz
  • Assembla

Gordon has looked at: which compares a large number of opensource tracking software.

The purpose of this project is to pick 2-3 systems and install and test.

The candidates are:

  • Apache Bloodhound - based on Trac, similar to things used before. Extending features of Trac can be set up for different projects which make it easier to form a service rather than different instances for each project.
  • Redmine - Ruby on Rails for which we have limited knowlege but it is stable and has Gantt Charts available.
  • Phabricator - php - modular with a smaller code size.


  • Do we do one tool well for both project management and bug tracking?
  • Which is more needed and should they be separate or together?
  • bugzilla not really used properly.
  • Do we keep bugzilla.lcfg and use something else for other things?
  • Bugzilla doesn't do dependency tracking.
  • The size of the project is important - ownership tracking is important - tracking who is holding things back.
  • Should we focus on next upgrade as a test? Some or all of the candidates?
  • What gets tracked - by service (web, fileservers), by unit, by software?
  • Usability is important.

Trac used by rat-unit.

  • can do reporting
  • track bugs
  • documentation mainly for COs.
  • documentation in markdown so data can be retrieved.
  • data not locked in.

How much is coltex used?

  • some users just use for Trac more than latex.
  • ECDF has Trac.

Services at IS level.

  • Atlassian - only one group use it - may be licencing problems. Jira not free for academic use?
  • No IS service available.

Requests to us-unit.

  • none
Request to rat-unit.
  • Some requests for Trac and Redmine. Project management more important, ISS looking for ways to improve workflow.

MS Project used around the University.


  • installed and tested by 2nd May.
  • could be in use for SL7 upgrade.
  • test 3 candidates?


  • service or component level?
  • use cosign?
  • do we need the distinction between buzilla.inf and bugzilla.lcfg?

One tracking system would be preferable. Outside user use is something to consider.

Does one tool fit all?

Gordon will write something and circulate.

Mobile Devices

98 replies to survey asking what users want from their mobile device. The following are in order of popularity:

  • printing to school printers
  • authentication to school servers
  • VPN
  • Web browsing more device friendly
  • AV
  • Virtual Desktop.
OS's in use:
  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows
  • Others ( generic, meego (nokia n9) and symbian)

Detonator Reports

The csv files recieved from Detonator are not vey readable. Neil is working on a drupal site which takes the csv file as a feed and makes sense of it. This could be automated. Neil will post round info.


Graham has an install of Chromium which will replace Chrome on dice machines as google have dropped support for the platform.

Pergamon Problems

Pergamon showing same problems as inf servers. Reboot v powercycle.

Next Meeting

We may invite users to discuss reseach data.

-- LindseyBrown - 19 Mar 2014

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