Fixing the pathfix PATH file

/usr/share/pathfix/PATH contains the basic configuration for pathfix, which constructs $PATH for our users. It's full of ancient history. Here's a simpler version:

                : /home/$USER/bin
                : /home/$USER/bin/share
                : /home/$LOGNAME/bin
                : /home/$LOGNAME/bin/share
                : /usr/local/bin
                : /usr/bin
                : /bin
?               : .
For those users without ~/bin or ~/bin/share this would make a basic path of
on SL7 and
on SL6.

Some notes:

  • The CONFIGURATION FILE section of man pathfix explains what it means if it's not obvious. In particular though, no directory will be added if it doesn't exist, and those marked "?" will only be added if mentioned explicitly on the command line.
  • Other directories can be added by listing them on the command line. They're then added to the PATH after any personal bin directories but before everything else. (That's what the asterisk means.) The exception is . which would be added at the end.
  • The /home/$USER/bin lines have been in the PATH for donkey's years, so some people's bash startups will depend on them. These directories will always appear in the PATH before anything else, but only if they exist.
  • The $LOGNAME equivalents ensure that these personal bin directories are still in the PATH when we're nsu'd.
  • The asterisk marks the place in the PATH where any other directories are added on request.

The current (outgoing) contents of the PATH file are:

$DEFENV!="TRUE"	: /usr/ubin/$USER
$DEFENV!="TRUE"	: /home/$USER/bin/$ARCH
$DEFENV!="TRUE"	: /home/$USER/bin/share
$DEFENV!="TRUE"	: /usr/ubin/$LOGNAME
$DEFENV!="TRUE"	: /home/$LOGNAME/bin/$ARCH
$DEFENV!="TRUE"	: /home/$LOGNAME/bin/share
		: /usr/local/share/$ENVIRONMENT/sbin
		: /usr/local/share/$GROUP/sbin
		: /usr/local/bin/$ENVIRONMENT
		: /usr/local/bin/$GROUP
$NEW_TeX	: /usr/local/sbin/TeX
$NEW_TeX	: /usr/local/bin/TeX
?		: /usr/local/bin/metamail
$DISPLAY	: /usr/local/bin/X11
$DISPLAY	: /usr/local/bin/X11R6
$DISPLAY	: /usr/X386/bin
$DISPLAY	: /usr/local/bin/X11R5
$DISPLAY	: /usr/dt/bin
$DISPLAY & $ARCH="sun4-51" : /usr/openwin/bin
$DISPLAY	: /usr/bin/X11
?		: /usr/local/etc
?		: /usr/sbin
?		: /usr/etc
?		: /etc
$GROUP="cs_co"|$GROUP="lfcs_co"	: /usr/local/etc
$GROUP="cs_co"|$GROUP="lfcs_co"	: /usr/sbin
$GROUP="cs_co"|$GROUP="lfcs_co"	: /usr/etc
$GROUP="cs_co"|$GROUP="lfcs_co"	: /etc
		: /usr/local/bin
$ARCH!="irix5"	: /usr/local/sbin
$ARCH="irix5"	: /usr/bsd
$UNIVERSE="ucb" | $UNIVERSE="strict_ucb"	: /usr/ucb
$ARCH="sun4-51"	: /opt/SUNWspro/bin
$ARCH="sun4-51"	: /usr/ccs/bin
$UNIVERSE!="strict_sysv" & $UNIVERSE!="sysv" & $ARCH!="sun4-51"		: /usr/ucb
$UNIVERSE="sysv" | $UNIVERSE="strict_sysv"	: /usr/5bin
$ARCH="sun4-51" & $UNIVERSE!="strict_ucb"	: /usr/bin
$ARCH!="sun4-51"	: /usr/bin
		: /bin
$UNIVERSE!="strict_sysv"			: /usr/ucb
?		: /sbin
$GROUP="cs_co"|$GROUP="lfcs_co"	: /sbin
?		: .
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