Moving a machine to a different wire without reinstalling.

  1. Edit the profile, adding (just above the mac address) the line !network.ipaddr_eth0 mSET(DHCP) at the same time change the live wire header to the new wire.
  2. Check that the resource has reached the machine by doing qxprof network.ipaddr_eth0
  3. Change the IP address in dns/inf
  4. Run om dhcpd configure on the AT or IF dhcp server depending on which building the machine is moving to (aliases are atdhcp and ifdhcp)
  5. Run om dns update on the machine to ensure it has the new address
  6. Check new IP has shipped to machine by doing nslookup machine name
  7. Ensure /etc/hosts does not contain old address by doing om network restart
  8. Connect the machine to the new wire
  9. Reboot
  10. Remove the line inserted at step 1 from the profile.

Steps 1 - 5 should be carried out on the original wire, steps 6 to 8 on the new wire.

-- JenniferOxley - 27 Sep 2016 -- LindseyBrown - 09 Dec 2013

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