• "I use the shared staffmail inboxes regularily, which means still authenticating to staffmail. I got the impression that if you switch to O365, you may not authenticate back to staffmail on pain of death?"
  • "can I still send via inf SMTP"
  • "can I use my kerberos credentials like I can to Staffmail?"
  • "Is O365 using ED.AC.UK or EASE.ED.AC.UK principals?"
  • Can you filter incoming mail on the envelope recipient including "plussed" addresses?
    • eg if there is an informatics alias like "webtest: neilb+webtest@staffmailREMOVE_THIS.ed.ac.uk", then I can file/filter that mail on staffmail into a specific filter. Can I do the same in O365, it didn't look like it to me.
  • Can you confirm that (when using 0365) if I wanted to send mail as webtest@inf, then I have to add webtest@inf as an alias to my account, unless I continue to use smtp.staffmail.ed for sending (which I believe you're not supposed to do once you switch to O365).
    • and does this also apply to plussed addresses?
  • Is automated/scripted access to mailboxes permitted? I seem to recall seeing it prohibited in an early EULA.

General remarks

Web Outlook

  • If you delete a message in Thunderbird, it doesn't disappear from Web Outlook view. If you look at a deleted message it appears being both in Inbox and Trash folders. (Looks like Thunderbird-Compact fixes this)
  • If you use Thunderbird to file a message into a Folder, it appears from the Web Outlook view to be in both the new folder AND in Inbox (Looks like Thunderbird-Compact fixes this)

-- AlastairScobie - 07 Mar 2016

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