Moving machine to a different wire without a reinstall

These instructions assume that your machine has a simple networking setup in which the main network interface is eth0. If your machine's main network interface is something else, for instance br0, then either strip the networking configuration back to a more simple/standard one then follow the instructions below, or alternatively replace eth0 below with your machine's main network interface, for example br0.

Follow these instructions, in the order they are listed.

1. Before moving anything, edit the profile, adding (just above the mac address) the line

!network.ipaddr_eth0 mSET(DHCP)

At the same time change the live wire header to the new wire.

2. Check that the resource has reached the machine by doing

qxprof network.ipaddr_eth0

3. Change the IP address in dns/inf and wait for it to ship to machine by doing

nslookup machine name

3.5 You also need to make sure the DNS change has propagated to the appropriate site DHCP server (ifdhcp, atdhcp or kbdhcp), and then run

om dhcpd configure

on the DHCP server.

4. Shut down the machine then connect it to the new wire.

5. Reboot

6. Remove !network.ipaddr_eth0 mSET(DHCP) from the machine's profile.

7. Reboot again to make sure that everything's working.

-- CarolDow - 14 Jan 2008

-- ChrisCooke, IanDurkacz - 04 Jul 2014

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