Moving kit from site to site

The current procedure (as of February 2018) is to put a ticket in the techs RT queue asking them to do an uplift.

Old Information (probably no longer relevant)

The options are :-

  • To speak to the servitors and see if there is still a University vehicle that we can put the kit in and run it up.
  • Use a taxi. The university has a taxi contract
  • To hire a van via the Uni. link (on PECOS) to Arnold Clark. The Uni. insurance office also needs informed to arrange cover (was about 20 in all, the last time we did this).
  • To book a van via the Uni. link to City Car Club (they have vans as well). Rental can be by the hour (at 4.59 plus 22p/mile). Drivers can join here and will automatically also be an authorised Uni. driver.
  • If using your own transport, then you can sort out insurance to cover kit at

An additional option (or perhaps a variation of the first option) is to email IS.Facilities@ed and arrange the uplift via them. They will basically collect boxed items (like you would if you were shipping it via the likes of UPS) from a building reception, and will drop it off at the destination building reception. To date this hasn't actually been tried, but the last time I inquired about moves, this was suggested by fellow IS staff. However they also said, that just using the boot of someone's car was the usual way they moved the odd machine.
Neil B - Sept 2014

Information provided by Dave Hamilton. -- AlastairScobie - 21 Feb 2012

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