Moving admin staff off AFS

AFS !DataStore AD vs AFS ACLs checked Size Scheduled Complete
/group/admin/athena datastore_inf_groups_athena yes 1.7G 10/04/19 DONE
/group/admin/DataCDT datastore_inf_groups_DataCDT yes 9.7G 29/03/19 DONE
/group/admin/hands datastore_inf_groups_hands yes 1.6G 22/03/19 DONE
/group/admin/HR datastore_inf_groups_hr yes 7.7G 09/04/19 DONE
/group/admin/iss datastore_inf_groups_iss        
/group/admin/k-mgmt     4.2G    
/group/admin/level2         Don't need to move
/group/admin/PParCDT datastore_inf_groups_PParCDT yes 11G 01/04/19 DONE
/group/admin/RASCDT datastore_inf_groups_RASCDT yes 28G 03/04/19 DONE
/group/admin/rdm datastore_inf_groups_rdm yes 8.2G 22/03/19 DONE
/group/admin/recadmin datastore_inf_groups_recadmin yes 500M   DONE
/group/admin/refadmin AD group deleted, AFS space deleted yes empty?   don't need to move
/group/admin/techs AD group deleted yes 24G   only accessed through DICE
/group/admin/infcomms datastore_inf_groups_infcomms yes 60G 21/05/19 DONE

-- JenniferOxley - 30 Apr 2019

Topic revision: r28 - 21 May 2019 - 13:03:59 - JenniferOxley
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