MATLAB upgrades can be a bit of a pain for frontline support. Two main problems:

1. It often generates lots of requests for other versions

The bottom line is that RAT unit don't mind which version research staff/students wish to use for their work, of course with the proviso that the older it is, the less likely it'll continue to work as DICE marches on. Support can control individual machine versions with the #defines:

#define MATLAB_201xx
#define MATLAB_201xx_INHIBIT

...these are listed in <dice/options/matlab-client.h>

On shared machines try to get some consensus on a single version but, if two versions fit, so be it.

On teaching machines we should only install the primary version: anything else will (and has) lead to confusion.

2. It's huge; about 7Gb and climbing, despite special packages which offload some space to group partitions. The double install will break some machines.

It's easy to fix, though: on machines where updaterpms has failed simply

#define MATLAB_ALL_INHIBIT /* REMINDER: xxxx remove me */

near the top of the profile and go again. Remember to remove it afterwards and the machine will pick up the correct version overnight. If you're in a hurry just manually remove it on the machine itself:

 $ nsu -c 'rpm -qa | grep "^matlab" | xargs rpm -e'
 $ om updaterpms run

If there's any other problems, you know where to find us.

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