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This is the MPU's technical documentation for computing staff. Anything labelled (MPU) is probably of interest mainly to the MPU.


Backups, Data, Disasters



Hardware and Firmware










MPU Servers

MPU servers' profile status on lcfg1, lcfg2. MPU servers' Nagios status.
The machines in server rooms have the rack/row numbers in their location to make it easier to find them.
See also ATServerRoomMainServerRacksPopulation, ForumRackPopulation, KBRackPopulation.


Name Model Role OS Location Purchased Notes
bruegel Dell R210 II   Focal AT-2/21 2014 May  
steen Dell R210 II   sl7 IF-11/21 2014 May  
auriga Dell R240 General SSH Focal AT-2/19 2021 Feb  
pegasus Dell R240 Staff SSH Focal IF-12/26 2021 Feb  
deneb Dell R330 Packages mirror server and local package master sl7 IF-1/34 2017 Mar  
altair Dell R230 LCFG slave server (lcfg3) sl7 IF-6/34 2017 Mar  
vega Dell R230 LCFG slave server (lcfg4) sl7 AT-1/25 2017 Mar  
canopus Dell R240 LCFG master sl7 IF-6/36 2019 Jun  
salamanca Dell R320 Offsite disaster recovery sl7 KB-3/29 2015 April  
juice HP DL180 G6 openafs build host sl7 AT-1/20 2011 Jun  
regulus Dell R230 RPM cache/PXE sl7 IF-6/24 2018 Apr  
maia Dell R230 RPM cache/PXE sl7 AT-1/23 2018 Apr  
lute Dell R440 General access XRDP Focal IF-5/16 2019 Mar  
cittern Dell R440 General access XRDP Focal IF-6/10 2020 Aug  
dulcimer Dell R440 General access XRDP Focal IF-7/33 2020 Aug  
guitar Dell R440 General access XRDP Focal AT-2/28 2020 Aug  
theorbo Dell R440 General access XRDP Focal AT-1/31 2020 Aug  
zither Dell R440 General access XRDP Focal AT-0/29 2020 Aug  
archlute Dell R440 Staff XRDP Focal AT-1/27 2019 Mar  
vermelha Dell R720   sl7 KB-3/17 2014 Jun  
amarela Dell R720 KVM server (user VMs) sl7 KB-3/35 2014 Jun  
azul Dell R730 KVM server (test/devel) sl7 AT-0/16 2015 Jun  
piano Dell R740 KVM server sl7 IF-1/31 2020 Jul  
sax Dell R740 KVM server sl7 IF-3/21 2021 Jun  
tuba Dell R740 KVM server sl7 IF-2/30 2021 Jun  
gaivota Dell R730 KVM server sl7 IF-3/14 2016 Jun  
girassol Dell R730 KVM server sl7 IF-4/16 2016 Jun  
banjo Dell R740 KVM server sl7 AT-0/5 2018 Jun  
mandolin Dell R740 KVM server sl7 AT-2/2 2018 Jun  
clavichord Dell R740 KVM server sl7 KB-1/11 2019 Jun  
harpsichord Dell R740 KVM server sl7 KB-1/8 2019 Jun  
selby Dell R6525 General compute Focal IF-8/36 2020 Jul  
hendry Dell R6525 Staff compute Focal IF-6/26 2020 Jul  
ashbury Dell R720 SL7 compute & login server sL7 AT-2/11 2014 Jul  

User Support servers which MPU is looking after

NameSorted ascending Model Person OS Location Purchased Notes
castor Dell R210 richard SL7 IF 2011  
catzilla Dell R715 steedman SL7 IF 2010  
darkstar Dell R815 steedman SL7 IF 2012  
hubel Dell R720 amos SL7 IF 2014  
hyde Dell R420 richard SL7 AT 2014  
jekyll Dell R420 richard SL7 IF 2014  
joule Dell R420 csutton SL7 IF 2013  
patty Dell R420 richard SL7 AT 2013  
pollux Dell R210 richard SL7 AT 2011  
salmon Dell R715 amos SL7 IF 2014  
selma Dell R420 richard SL7 IF 2013  
trout Dell R715 ? SL7 AT 2014  
vetinari Dell R520 sgwater SL7 IF 2013  
wiesel Dell R720 amos SL7 AT 2014  

Virtual Machines

Name Role OS Site Notes
vole LCFG test server sl7 KB  
jornets Package Export (http+rsync) sl7 KB  
aegean wake.inf Wake On LAN sl7 KB  
polecat inf-level LCFG test machine sl7 KB  
pinemarten PkgForge master sl7 IF  
rabbit Offsite ssh server sl7 KB  
vendramin sl7 KB  
beaver Log Cabin sl7 IF  
mouse Inf-level SL7 machine for package tests sl7 KB  
lagun sl7 KB  
hulp backup sl7 IF  
ayuda staging sl7 KB  
maipo RHEL native RHEL 7.0 KB  
badger PkgForge builder sl7 KB  
shrew PkgForge builder Focal IF  
crocodile PkgForge builder Focal AT  
procyon buildsl7 sl7 AT  
otter web site and wiki sl7 KB Has a second disk (lcfgwebdata2 volume)
nuthatch rsync server for Virtual DICE sl7 AT  
aldebaran PXE/NFS install server for KB sl7 KB  
mira Native RHEL 7 RHEL 7.5 AT  
mizar test xrdp sl7 KB  
tomares Tartarus server sl7 IF  
sagres GPUusage sl7 IF  
spica web cache (for Ubuntu installs and dsu) Focal AT  

Desktop Machines

spider HP G2 Chris's DICE desktop for testing sl7 AT-7.12b 2016 Jun  
bloodborn HP G3 Chris's DICE desktop for testing Focal AT-7.11 2018 Aug  
walter HP G1 Chris's Windows 10 desktop for testing Windows 10 AT-7.12b 2014 Jul  
zip HP 7900 Alastair's DICE desktop sl6_64 AT-7.09a 2009 Jun  
kelvin Dell T3400 Alastair's main devel desktop sl6_64 AT-7.09a 2008 Jan  
burray HP G4 Stephen's DICE desktop sl7 AT-7.10 2018 Nov  

You can edit this data at MPuMachineList.

Old Stuff

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