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Mailman sibling lists are probably the solution when someone asks for a list that its membership is made up of other lists, but there are gotchas.

Though there's nothing technically stopping you from just adding another list alias as a regular list member to a list, it is unlikely to work as you'd hope and there can be bounce and moderation issues. The sibling list option, seems to be the one that meets most people's needs, but it too has some limitations.

You find the sibling list options under the "Configuration Categories" section "Non-digest options" menu. eg

In the text below I'll assume there is a list A and you want lists B and C to be members/siblings of A. And D is a sibling of B

First note that sibling list behaviour is for non-digest postings. So you have to have to tar everyone in lists B and C with the same brush. For example is there are some members of B who are digest members, and some who are non-digest, if you add B to the non-digest members option, then everyone on B will get postings to A immediately, regardless of their B preference.

You'll also see from the help text that if you mail A and B in the same message, then B members should only get one copy, they won't get you post via both routes.

Siblings of siblings don't work as you might expect. So if you mail A, A's members (and B and Cs) will get the posting, but not D, even though it is a sibling of B. However if you mail B then the D membership will get the posting.

Sibling members are NOT members of the parent list, so they can't access restricted archive posts to A, nor will they show up in B or C's archive.

-- NeilBrown - 31 Oct 2016

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