Mailing Lists

Creating a Mailing List.

In the services unit's documentation page:

Mailing Lists and Aliases.

Official documentation:

There are some useful scripts on the mail server under /usr/lib/mailman/bin/ to be run as mailman(nsu mailman) e.g.

./find_member UUN / alias looks for the string so probably best to look for both
./list_members -f

Non @inf and legacy aliases

e.g. and the legacy @dcs, @dai and @cogsci

These are not held on mail@inf(crunchie) but on virtual mail relay (beeknow)

cd /opt/mail
co -l virtusertable
edit the file
ci -u virtusertable

Manual exclusions and inclusions to theon database generated mailing lists

Please don't do this routinely - always check why they are not automatically appearing, or establish a legitimate reason for adding someone.

For example: The inf-general list membership is controlled via the Informatics Database. Occasionally people, but who don't meet the DB criteria, want to be on the inf-general list, such as PhD students who no longer have an office as they are finishing up, or Bayes EPCC staff who are teaching Inf courses. To solve this, inf-general-externals, is a manually maintained list, containing the odd exceptions, and posts to inf-general are also sent to inf-general-externals. People can be added via inf-general-externals mailman web interface

To add or remove people from DB generated lists go to Choose Desktop "Browser", Choose Cluster "System", Choose Table 'Elist-exception". Click 'Use Grid' and you can see the format required.

Query for the list you want to add/remove someone from. If the list isn't found then it means no-one else has previously been added or removed to that particular one, so you will need to add a new entry for the list, make sure it is of the form mailing-list@informatics. You may have to create a separate list entry first if you get an error adding the new exclusion entry, to do this choose the "Elist" table and add a new record for the list to that first. You can also remove someone from ALL theon generated lists by using EXCLUSION in the Elist@ search field.

The Person@ field needs to be entered in the form of: 3gnumber (including the 3g prefix) which can be derived from the results of:

psql -h infdb infdb
select person,username,uid from person where lastname ~ 'Surname';

In practice it is safer to add a new entry for each of the "person" values returned by the query above, i.e. not just the 3gnumber one as sometimes its another one that is needed. (Not sure who suggested that - but wasn't me - Jennifer)

-- JenniferOxley - 17 Jan 2020

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