All new staff and Phd students use Office365. Most visitors will not get mail accounts and should have supplied a mail address to the admin staff for their database entry. See the services-unit documentation on visitor email.

Mail accounts will be of the form:-


Users can still advertise their email address as but it should be forwarded to their Office365 account (exseed alias).

Until there is a script or some automatic method of creating the forwarding it should be done in the following way:-

On crunchie (mail.inf) as root:-

  • cd /opt/sendmail
  • co -l aliases-staffmail
  • edit aliases-staffmail
  • ci -u aliases-staffmail
  • make

Users can also Request the creation of an email alias of the form by contacting maildir.

Forwarding mail for staff after they leave.

IS policy page.

The request should come from the School and go to

Please note the following taken from the IS policy page:

University discretion. This facility can be offered solely at the discretion of a school to a leaving member of staff, and is not necessarily seen as the norm for all staff.

Renewal. The school which requested that this university address be able to be forwarded, will be asked whether they wish to renew that forwarding ability on an annual basis, with 5 years being the limit.

Stuck Mail

on mail server as root, running /usr/lib/sendmail -bp can show if email messages are a bit stuck (deferred), not sure how to fix anything, ask services but command handy to know!

-- LindseyBrown - 01 May 2013

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