MPU Meeting Wednesday 13th January 2021

Ubuntu Focal Port of LCFG Platform

Stephen has been looking at adding basic support for 32bit applications. This led to the realisation that we aren't applying updates for i386 packages. The pkglist-tools scripts have been updated to generate a separate i386 updates list which can be applied as required. It looks like the way the lcfg core lists are included needs a bit more reworking to improve how it all works.

Still need to get the final report finished.

Move websites from HTTP to HTTPS

Only still to do. Need to reconfigure apache and then edit all the links to the restricted pages.

We should talk to Toby/Neil about using the x509 component on backup servers so that we can fetch the necessary service certificates even when the DNS entries don't match.

User Security Training Materials

Chris is learning about Learn, he hopes to get a prototype course up for next week.

PGR computing

Nothing happened. Alastair needs to chase Bob Fisher about the results of a survey he ran.

Network Component

Stephen has begun work on adding support for configuring VLANs. He has generated a configuration which, at first glance, looks correct but the interface is not pingable. He needs to learn more about how it is all expected to work and what the interface should look like in the output from the ip command.

Miscellaneous Development

Stephen has finished off the configuration for the Mindstorms EV3 brick. He still needs to test it on some lab machines, hopefully there will be a chance to do that next week.

systemd patch
Stephen has added support to the systemd component for ignoring some unit files. This is for Barry O'Rourke in Physics, see bug#1261 for details.

GPU usage
Alastair has been working on the GPU usage scripts again. There are still some problems with IPv6, that might be limited to some RAT machines now. There is some packaging still to be done.


Firmware updates were applied to all the servers before they went back into service. There was a weird firewall issue which meant they weren't initially accessible without the VPN, seems like it might have been a spanning map problem. The consoles were extremely slow on some machines, a reset of the BMC before the reboot helps a lot, is this a recent firmware bug? The virtual server has less memory, we should monitor the load, currently the balancing scripts do not have any support for weighting the servers to control how many users each gets, we might need it at some point.

We should look at replacing steen and bruegel as soon as possible. We need 2 low-end 1U servers, how much extra would it cost for dual PSU? Alastair will get a quote.

LCFG test server
vole ran out of disk space, it might well need a reinstall. Stephen will get it sorted.

Stephen will chase RAT to see if we can finally junk this machine. reviews
Chris will update the list of pages which need a review.

We should all tidy our trello boards so we can get back to using them again.

-- StephenQuinney - 19 Jan 2021

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