MPU Meeting Wednesday 16th September 2020

Ubuntu Focal Port of LCFG Platform

  • Stephen has (after an epic battle) sorted out the MATE session indicator, the bit which lets the user control various aspects of the session. You can now lock the session properly; the list of recent users has been removed, as has the switch session facility. Along the way he learned that updating dconf does not always update gsettings.

  • Stephen wrote a quick imagick component for Image Magick policy settings, based on the file component. By default Image Magick cannot manipulate Postscript, PDF and relatives: this had to be changed.

  • resolv.conf had the wrong list of nameservers - the external ones, which don't carry local ranges. This was corrected.

  • xrdp has been updated to 0.9.13 to fix the chansrv problems. Copy/pasting between local and remote sessions should now work, and the delay when starting a session should now have been eliminated.

  • Stephen helped George to get iptables going on the test xrdp server. Tip: don't disable kernel module loading on test machines, keep that for the in-service machines.

  • Neil's postfix mail changes have made bruegel's rootmail appear in the mp-unit list, as we wanted. Now that our Ubuntu machines can mail our mailing list, we'll be more aware of their problems.

  • MATE is now the default on the DICE desktop (not just on xrdp).

  • xscreensaver now defaults to a blank screen, as on SL7.

Misc Development

  • Alastair's been working hard on Virtual DICE. He's abandoned the domain, as it was getting in the way; images are now being created in the domain. He's taking an additive approach rather than the subtractive approach taken for previous years' images. The current problem he's trying to solve is the unwanted persistence of the US keyboard layout. He's aiming to deliver a working image to RAT by the end of the week.

  • Stephen found and fixed a bug in clientreport's GPU module.


  • We've upgraded quite a few of our servers to 7.8. We'll tackle the rest, including the KVM servers, over the next few weeks.

  • Chris has noticed some memory full errors being reported on the remote.inf servers; he's investigating.

  • Stephen has refreshed the DNS aliases to include the new students and the correct lab machines.

  • The new KVM server piano is on the way to being in service.
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