MPU Meeting Wednesday 9th September 2020

Ubuntu Focal Port of LCFG Platform

Alastair has been struggling with using dhcp, IS have not been able to provide much useful help with solving the problem. It could be that systemd-networkd doesn't like the Microsoft dhcp server. Going to stick with static IP address for now, Alastair will tweak the install documentation. Should we be getting DNS from IS or Inf? There are access issues for packages in the inf bucket, we might have to add special apache ACLs just for these machines. So far Alastair has tried two small memory installs, he will now move onto a larger VM, if that goes well it will be added to the remote.inf cluster. We need to know now whether this will work, not good to wait until the system is overloaded.

network bonding
Alastair has a working config for bonding, Stephen will try it on vermelha once Neil has finished testing the postfix changes.

Should we limit access to the VPN? If not we need iptables for rate limiting, the systemd scripts are somewhat lacking in Ubuntu, Alastair will talk to George about what needs doing.


We need to get back on with upgrading MPU servers to SL7.8. Stephen will send around a list of what needs doing. The KVM servers will be done in association with the introduction of the new machine - piano

Misc Development

Nothing happened.


New KVM server
The replacement for azul is in the Forum server room waiting for install. Stephen will arrange to get it installed next week. It will be named piano. Once it is ready we can use it as decant space whilst we carry out the SL7.8 upgrades and firmware updates. We will eventually move it to AT to replace oyster which will be junked.

-- StephenQuinney - 15 Sep 2020

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