MPU Meeting Wednesday 12th August 2020

Ubuntu Focal Port of LCFG Platform

auth component
When it was deployed, a minor snag showed up: adding an LDAP-based user to a local group fails at install time (but is fine at other times). For now Stephen has worked around this.

Hardware testing
Stephen did some in AT. The G2 and G3 are fine. The G4 has a problem with partitioning. We hope to start stable installs in the student labs on Thursday next week (once next week's stable release is out).

It's now the default. Older models (G1, G2, G3) have an override in their profiles to make them use legacy BIOS instead.

xrdp / remote desktop
Stephen has installed mizar with Ubuntu and has used it to get various aspects of the xrdp service config sorted for Ubuntu. He'll soon be installing vermelha as an xrdp server for computing staff.

xrdp server on an IS VM
Alastair has got an Ubuntu VM running on the IS service, and has it running xrdp. He's now trying to get it tied to our LCFG service. He's working steadily through a succession of problems.

Chris radically updated and simplified its config files, and put them under the control of the file component. The PATH seems to make sense now. You get a different path in an xrdp session than you do in an ssh or console session.


This is now on all develop machines. We'll upgrade some servers to it. Chris will upgrade the servers.

Misc Development

Alastair has added three extra fields - extra1, extra2 and extra3. They'll be used for arbitrary info as the need arises.

Its page formatting was somewhat broken in the latest Firefox 79 release. Suspecting the antiquity of the Drupal theme it uses, Chris and Neil stumbled across a minor formatting change which improved matters greatly. However this is definitely a temporary workaround. Chris will look for a more recent theme we might use instead.

release testing
Chris has started Ubuntu-based release testing. Porting the release management scripts to Ubuntu looks like an awkward job, but we can manage without them to start with. Chris will write up the Ubuntu release testing and do it for a week or two before handing over to User Support.

-- ChrisCooke - 14 Aug 2020

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