MPU Meeting Wednesday 1st July 2020

Ubuntu Focal Port of LCFG Platform

Package repositories
Barry O'Rourke has provided configuration for aptly to mirror various upstream repositories (bug#1239). They have all been added to the ed-level, we want some of them so those have been enabled in the dice-level.

apt component
Support has been added for configuring the architectures for repositories, that avoids annoying warnings about repositories which don't provide i386 support. The systemd service file for the component has also been tweaked so that output goes to the console at boot time (similar to updaterpms).

Stephen is currently working on support for managing local repositories using aptly.

There subversion 1.9 software collection is now available on SL7 which allows the same working copy to be used in both SL7 and Ubuntu.

Alastair has been working on various aspects of the DICE desktop support. It seems that there is a problem with MATE being confused by existing configuration, not sure how much we can do about that other than document it. Sometimes he gets a blank screen, removing dot files seems to help. He has added support to the dconf component for profile directories. For xscreensaver it looks like we won't need any patches, we might need to provide our own defaults file though to set sensible default behaviour. It's not clear how to remove the new login button which is slightly annoying. The dice xinit script seems to mostly work other than a small chunk of SL7 specific code. lightdm is done except for the setting of the background image. We need to tweak the dice-desktop code to only read the platform-specific dmrc file (e.g. .dmrc.el7), otherwise when lightdm succeeds in writing the standard .dmrc file (e.g. for machines with localhome rather than AFS) it can cause odd looping problems at login time. Alastair will look at xrdp next, that is going to be needed fairly early on and will also be useful for CO remote testing.

User Security Training Materials

Not much progress.


The preparation for the upgrade is now almost completed. COs have been asked to test it using the DICE_TRY_SL78 macro. A few minor package conflict issues have been found and resolved. The plan is to make this the default for develop machines on Monday 13th July. We need to decide when to make it the default for all stable machines. Given the risk of upgrading desktops it might make sense to concentrate on servers first (where we have consoles and remote-control power bars).

Misc Development

Chris has been working on the dsu update. Could we keep the older version available for hardware which isn't supported by the new version?

There has been a major update for the mock package building tool and it is now configured for use on EL8 by default. Stephen updated the LCFG mock component to set the default package manager for mock to be yum on SL7.


james nodes
We need to release some of the james cluster nodes we borrowed for remote.inf

wallet / x509
Chris will look at converting the remote.inf machines over to using the new wallet support in the x509 component.

Neil will replace the dead disk for us.

openafs 1.8.6
Stephen has started the package building for the latest openafs release. Once it's done he'll make it the default for develop machines.

RDP on Linux
Alastair will check the RDP on Linux page is still up-to-date.

KVM server charging
Chris will investigate what we could charge for running VMs on our KVM service. In particular looking at what IS charge for access to their service.

-- StephenQuinney - 08 Jul 2020

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