MPU Meeting Wednesday 8th April 2020


Completed and signed off.

Profile Security

Waiting for the code review.

Alternative Desktop Platform

  • The package list management tool is coming on well, but more work needs to be done to cope with Ubuntu's distinctly odd repo structure.
  • Bugs in the LCFG core libraries were found and fixed.
  • Alastair will look into bonding support in Ubuntu. It may "just work" with netplan.

User Security Training Materials

Nothing happened. Alastair and Chris will talk about deadlines.

Misc Development

  • Stephen found that the inifile component doesn't make a directory for a config file it's making, if the directory isn't there already.


  • Chris processed the March firmware updates for MPU servers. A couple of servers joined our Trello list of those with "urgent" firmware updates pending. However in current circumstances we're a little leery of installing firmware updates, in case physical access should be needed.
  • However it's still a good idea to reboot servers in order to update their kernels. In particular Chris will reboot azul, clavichord and harpsichord soon.
  • dsu is now crashing on our oldest servers. Chris is investigating and will try upgrading to the latest version.
  • Stephen will advertise XRDP direct to the office desktop, and mention it in
  • We're concerned at our dependence on the Forum server room, with its unreliable cooling facilities. We're going to take a closer look at MPU servers at KB -
    • Could our DP servers there be promoted to master if necessary? We'll consider this.
    • What VMs could we kick off the KB-based KVM servers if necessary? Chris will add a "could dump?" column to the MPU KVM servers' wiki pages.
    • Is there anything we could currently delete from the KB KVM servers?
    • Stephen will test a DICE server install which uses only KB-based infrastructure.
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