MPU Meeting Wednesday 1st April 2020


Check the DPIA statement is linked into the project page.

Profile Security

Nothing happened.

Alternative Desktop Platform

Quite a lot has changed since our last meeting. Stephen is working on a summary for the LCFG monthly meeting on Thursday.

Alastair was wondering what he could best help with, Stephen will have a think, a couple of immediate ideas are network config and generating the package lists for Focal.

User Security Training Materials

Nothing happened.

Misc Development

  • toohot : The component has been fixed to ensure the shutdown command is called correctly.

  • powertool : There was an issue with the script when Stephen used it for the aircon problems during the strike period. There was a bug in the code path which is only hit when running the command "for real", the dry-run mode doesn't hit it. Thankfully it was an easily fixed bug left over from the rewrite from Python 2 to 3.


  • RDP service : Chris will email all users again to remind them about the new remote.inf service. Also we'll update the pop-up MOTD on the previous XRDP servers to point users to remote.inf. Many problems seem to be caused by users never logging out, just killing the client. We should introduce an idle timeout to disconnect sessions where users haven't returned after some period of time (1 day maybe?). We also need to reduce the disconnected time limit, gain maybe to 1 day? Doing this requires restarting the xrdp daemons which will disconnect all active user sessions. To avoid disrupting undergrads who are busy finishing their coursework we will avoid making the change until after teaching finishes. Do we know when that might be? Alastair will check.

  • DPIA : All statements to be done by June deadline.

-- StephenQuinney - 06 Apr 2020

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