MPU Meeting 12th April 2017

LCFG Client Refactoring

The context support is now finished and documented. Stephen has moved onto the packages support which is now well on the way to completion.

Chris has verified that iFriend access works fine for him. Stephen suggested opening up the test service to http/https access on edlan and then posting to the lcfg-discuss mailing list to ask for volunteers to check the service.

Final report
Stephen has created a skeleton final report page on the wiki.

Miscellaneous Development

systemd component
Alastair has reworked how the systemd component enables services so that links are used instead of empty files. This fixes a number of issues. It is now possible to have a local console along with serial console on servers. He will put it onto develop machines for a couple of weeks to ensure it is working correctly.

systemd final target
Stephen now has a working final target which services can be hooked into. We can use this to disable kernel module loading at the best time.

The default release for SL7 develop machines is now 7.3. A few machines have problems because they were on the stable release but had the DICE_TRY_SL73 macro defined. When the DICE_STICK_WITH_SL72 was also added they got downgraded which broke some of them. Stephen will modify the procedures (and the script) so that this doesn't happen again.

Some of the systemd resources for the resolvconf component were still hanging around. Stephen modified the lcfg/options/dns.h header to do a better job.

server dns
Stephen has modified the list of nameservers in resolv.conf for SL7 servers on the develop release so that only localhost is listed. This brings them into line with the SL6 release. If there are no problems then he will extend this to all SL7 servers soon.


The general access SSH server has moved to bruegel, the old server schiff still needs to be turned off.

LCFG servers
We need to get muro running as a slave so we can compare with the new LCFG slaves.

openafs build service
This has moved to juice and budapest is turned off awaiting junking.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • Inventory project
      • continue working through TartarusWorkFlow
      • Document clientreport (eg how to add modules)
      • Document order sync code
      • Document hpreport processing script
      • Continue work on RESTful API - TartarusRESTAPI
      • Document REST API
      • Write more of the ii commands and document as writing.
      • Test George's new location feed
      • Start work on final report!
      • Convert from mod-auth_kerb to mod-auth_gssapi (See Stephen for details)
      • How represent VMs
      • Continue with REST API testing framework
    • Deploy encrypted /tmp and swap conversion script
      • Need to warn users that Gnome3 may pop up a window about /tmp being full (when script is run)
    • Schedule MPU meeting to discuss systemd ordering
    • submit polkit bug to redhat - with Stephen (check with 7.3)
    • Think how to regularly report on machines with no /var/log/journal
    • Check sysmans (et al) have 'nograce'.
    • Take a look at RT #78875
    • Look at RT and SL7RT
    • Look at /etc/hosts - dns issue
      • work out what we need to fix current problem
    • Circulate info on RH7.3 systemd changes we may wish to consider
    • Produce a report on machines with wrong time (using clientreport)
      • module written - will hit stable on Wed 29th March
    • Contribute to MPU SL7 final project report
    • Fire up 'muro' for LCFG performance testing (to compare with altair)
      • running
    • MPU Review percentages on PD/OPS/Projects for T1 so far

  • Chris
    • Inventory project
      • Continue work on clientreport modules for replacing firmwarereport
    • MPU SL7
      • Continue with bugzilla * check iFriend access * Add nagios monitoring to spot the hanging
      • Look at wake backend (running on Inf servers)
    • DICE encryption
      • Continue thinking and researching
    • Roll out fixed sleep code
    • Reschedule MPU futures meeting
    • Look at RT and SL7RT
    • Think about whether we can use NX service for staff.login/student.login
    • Produce PXE boot image so that we can update the BIOS of HP 800 G2s
    • Contribute to MPU SL7 final project report
    • Machine moves (piccadilly, new LCFG slave)
    • Next KVM shuffle
      • empty oyster onto remaining Forum KVM servers
    • Consider new 'root' password(s)

  • Stephen
    • LCFG client refactor stage 1
      • schedule debrief meeting
    • LCFG client refactor stage 2
      • testing and documentation
      • blog article (once documentation complete)
      • complete package support
    • LCFG server symlink to exam branches - produce reporting script and discuss with Graham
    • submit polkit bug to redhat - with Alastair (check under 7.3)
    • Investigate George's multiple network interfaces SL7 issue (eg consoles server)
      • waiting on George breaking metropolitan
    • Look at RT and SL7RT
    • Think about whether we can use NX service for staff.login/student.login
    • Draft a position note on shell components under SL8 and possible ways forward
    • Produce some text for systemd mount bug (to submit to RH)
    • Start SL7 final project report
    • Contribute to MPU SL7 final project report
    • Machine moves (piccadilly, new LCFG slave)

-- AlastairScobie - 12 Apr 2017

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