MPU Meeting Tuesday 7th June 2016


Alastair has been investigating Catalyst using a local install, as a demonstrator he has got a simple part of the REST API working, this can give a list of items or select an individual entry based on serial number, name. He has packaged the Catalyst modules and dependencies for EL7, this requires a newer version of Moose than is available by default. Before updating Moose everywhere we will need to test PkgForge, prometheus and the LCFG build tools.

Testing of the authentication will require a switch from the built-in httpd provided with Catalyst to Apache since the plan is to use https and Apache authn/authz modules.

LCFG Client Refactoring

Nothing happened.

SL7 Server Base

Chris has made a start on the final report.

The changes to the dns component are still being tested, we need to check the situation again once develop machines have been rebooted.


Stephen will test the dns component changes on the SSH and NX servers once the new version of the component reaches the stable release.

Who is going to port Apache mod_waklog for SL7?

Miscellaneous Development

Stephen has finished the apacheconf documentation and the final report. He plans to do a talk at the next Development Meeting and put it in for sign-off.

Kenny MacDonald has taken over the old sysconfig component and rewritten it as a sub-class of the inifile component. Stephen has been helping with updating the various headers.


Dell R330
This seems to be working fine with EL7.

New KVM servers
The new servers need to be racked so we can look at the features of the latest iDRAC. We agreed that both shall have FC cards for emergencies and flexibility if we need to shuffle around large quantities of data.

HP EliteDesk 800 G2
Stephen will look at configuring the BIOS now that we have a couple more machines.

Several users and groups were added for Craig so that he could setup gitlab as a not a service.

MIME-type handlers
Stephen worked out how to set a preference for a MIME-type handler using the gvfs-mime command-line tool.

kernel and openafs 1.6.18
There were security updates for the kernel and a new openafs release. We're not planning to ship this to stable at the moment but it would be good to get it done over the summer to avoid disruption at the start of next semester.

MPU firewall holes
Some unnecessary firewall holes have been closed, we need to finish the review.

An LCFG_OPTIONS_GPERFTOOLS package group has been added for a student project.

SL7.2 update
The student labs have all been upgraded to SL7.2, there were a few package conflicts due to people adding packages directly to machine profiles. Many of these changes had no associated comments so were just removed.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • Inventory project
      • continue working through TartarusWorkFlow
      • Document clientreport (eg how to add modules)
      • Document order sync code
      • Document hpreport processing script
      • Continue work on RESTful API - TartarusRESTAPI
      • Document that using lists instead of hashes when reporting on multiple things of same type is easier to process in SQL
      • Blog articles
      • Work on REST authentication and authorisation
      • Start work on final report!
    • Remove default pool if ops meeting agrees
    • Dump 'atom'
    • Deploy encrypted /tmp and swap conversion script
      • Deploy on office desktops
      • Need to warn users that Gnome3 may pop up a window about /tmp being full (when script is run)
    • Schedule MPU meeting to discuss systemd ordering
    • Reschedule MPU futures meeting
    • Continue building honeypot
    • package up ILW stuff and document process
    • Read through SL7.2 release notes
    • submit polkit bug to redhat - with Stephen
    • Work on RT tickets - only 1 !
    • MPU SL7
      • Identify what could be done once lcfg-dns is readyNowt other than ssh/nx - need waklog etc for packages systems
    • Check lcfg-lvm distributed ok (in stable of 1st June) & resolve sl7rt ticket #60
    • page for HP 800 G2 - stalled awaiting delivery of new G2s
    • Await another 800 G2 so that we can compare settings with working G2
    • Fix updaterpms so requires
    • Check that Devel meeting is going to produce SL7 desktop final report
    • Speak to Toby about perl-Moose - latest version
    • Read SL7 server base final report
      • me add a bit about LVM support
    • Read apacheconf final report
    • Look through MPU firewall list

  • Chris
    • Inventory project
      • Continue work on clientreport modules for replacing firmwarereport
    • pkgsearch for SL7
      • reimplement as a yum web front end (yum search for keyword produce an html file of links to cgi to do yum info)
      • Need support multiple platforms
    • MPU SL7
      • Identify what could be done once lcfg-dns is ready
    • Look at R430
    • Continue on SL7 server base platform final report
    • Look through MPU firewall list
    • Coordinate new KVM servers into racks

  • Stephen
    • LCFG client refactor stage 1
      • schedule debrief meeting
    • LCFG client refactor stage 2
      • polishing - work on context parser
      • blog article (once documentation complete)
    • apacheconf
      • talk at devel meeting
    • Investigate kernel component pipe moan by using shell commands instead of RPM module => waiting on 7.2 => activities list
    • LCFG server symlink to exam branches - produce reporting script and discuss with Graham
    • Circulate dmesg proposal
    • Apply firmware patches - circle
    • submit polkit bug to redhat - with Alastair
    • SL7 MPU
      • Identify what could be done once lcfg-dns is ready
    • Work on RT tickets
    • Look at what is needed to install an 800 G2 with the IS BIOS preconfigured
    • Read MPUSegregationOfVMs.
    • Test new DNS config on EL7 ssh server

-- AlastairScobie - 07 Jun 2016

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