MPU Meeting Tuesday 5th May 2015

LCFG client refactoring

Nothing this week.


  • Alastair has modified the work flow , but it needs more work.
  • The prototype is up and running again.
  • The last time the prototype was running, the actual order files were used as data for tests of the inventory prototype code. At that time Alastair corrected all the errors in the order files. However in the time since then many new errors have crept in (there is no post-edit validation of the order files). Alastair tried using the order file parser from the last inventory system, but its error messages are unhelpfully general. Alastair is therefore writing a new parser, this time with helpful error messages; this is almost complete. This time custom test data is being created. The test data will be built up as the code and tests evolve.
  • Stephen recommends the cover tool and the Devel::Cover perl module. This can produce a chart showing a test suite's coverage of code, highlighting segments of code which are untested. It can be used alongside the prove tool.
  • The new parser has an object interface. It should be simple to hook it into the existing orders code. Once it's in service, we'll be able to use it to introduce validation into the editing of the order files.
  • In general if we can introduce new features cleanly into existing code then we'll do it.

Miscellaneous Development

Stephen has mostly finished SL6.6. He has created more scripts to help automate the upgrade process as far as is practical. SL6.6 should be good enough to use in next week's stable release. We'll make it the default in the 10 June stable release. We reckon that the end of July would be a reasonable deadline for abandoning SL6.5. Once 6.6 is finished, Stephen will make copies of his scripts for SL7. Chris will then try his hand at upgrading us to SL7.1.


  • Chris has documented how to change the session manager on SL7.
  • Stephen increased the package bucket quotas (RT:71686).
  • Stephen added sl-indexhtml to the SL7 base package list (RT:71685).
  • Our mailcap settings use acroread for PDF, but acroread isn't installed on SL7 (just a wrapper script with the same name). We need to ship acroread and some font dependencies. Stephen will discuss the problem with Graham.
  • Chris will document how to lock the screen on SL7, and the range of session managers available.
  • Alastair has been investigating the elusive SL6 virtual guest hanging problem. DICE installation stops at the end of the install component, whereupon instead of rebooting, the machine just stops. Except when Alastair tries it. Even where the problem can be coaxed into appearing for him, it disappears again when he adds some debugging instrumentation to the installation environment.
  • We should upgrade our own KVM VMs as we suggested to other units (512M memory to 1G, and more VCPUs on oyster where they would help). Chris will look at this.
  • Alastair will look at updaterpms performance problems on EL7. He'll try comparing SL6 and SL7 test runs, and will test the relative speed of ext3 and ext4 filesystems. Stephen's OS upgrade test scripts should be ideal for these tests.

This week

  • Alastair
    • EL7 project
      • Consider what could go in DICE release notes
      • Updaterpms performance (try ext3)
    • Inventory project
      • continue working through InvProjectWorkFlow
      • complete new order file processing code and deploy into existing system
    • RT 65774 - try two identical monitors on my machineIainR has two identical monitors on his SL6 box and doesn't encounter the problem
    • Need to remove default bridge from kvmtool create
    • Schedule firmware upgrade for DS3254
    • Look at SL6 install hang - speak to Carol
    • Read KVM enhancement project proposal - DISCUSS (add here what you wanted to discuss)]
    • Install comodo certificate for
    • Revisit upstream package list sync
    • Blog the final SL7 project report

  • Chris
    • EL7
      • Consider what could go in DICE release notes
    • url shortener
    • Inventory project
    • Revisit upstream package list sync
    • Invite KVM guest owners to upgrade from 512MB to 1GB and also increase number of cores per guest on Oyster (as experiment)

  • Stephen
    • LCFG client refactor stage 1
      • schedule debrief meeting
    • EL7
      • Consider what could go in DICE release notes
    • LCFG client refactor stage 2
      • finish off C code
    • Test northern's SAS disks in metropolitan
    • Junk central
    • Think about PD - Interested in ZeroMQ
    • Add extra memory to waterloo (and if those work, order up more memory for hammersmith)
    • Check upstream package header sync documentation
    • SL6.6
      • upgrade installroot to SL6.6
      • complete
    • Arrange (with Neil) for more space to mirror 7.1
    • Think about who should do 6.6 and 7.1 updates
    • Look at acroread for SL7

-- AlastairScobie - 05 May 2015

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