MPU Meeting Wednesday 22nd April 2015


We've made minor adjustments to the final report. Stephen has added links to the more important blog posts.

We've just about finished adjusting logrotate resources to the changes mentioned in Bug:858. The only remaining components to adjust are kerberos and openldap.

The sssd user and group are needed by the sssd package but not added by it (but by sssd-ipa and sssd-common). Stephen will establish a standard uid/gid and fix up file ownership on existing machines with a cron job.

Another missing account is jackuser. This was added for SL6 but we forgot for EL7. Now added. See Bug:865 for details.

Stephen has tidied up localaccounts.h to make it clear exactly where and how to add local package accounts. We used to audit EPEL packages for user and group additions, but there are now so many packages in EPEL that we can't do that any more; we just fix problems as we come to them. In the process he found several uid clashes. The worst is between polkitd and uchiwa; we'll discuss that at the next Deployers' Meeting.

Alastair has done the SL7 client support for DIY DICE.

Chris has started the DICE SL7 release notes. He'll add some software version number upgrade info (as will RAT).

Chris will come up with a DIY DICE SL7 login screen theme.

LCFG Client v4

Stephen has been familiarising himself with the code. He's decided that it would not after all be a good idea to push logic into the C level, as the logic is needed in the Perl level. His next task will be to sort out the C level.


  • Chris has documented the OrderFileFormatDetails. Alastair commented (on the orders file irregularities that Chris spotted) that the order editing had always lacked post-edit validation. Stephen suggested just doing a dummy run of the import into the database.
  • Chris has found out from Angus that the SelectPC MAC address list is published each Monday and is available via a Windows share. We should be able to use a functional account to access this, so we should be able to set up an automated import process.

Miscellaneous Development

kvmreport now outputs data in HTML! Alastair will finish this off then link it in to our KVM documentation pages.


We've had critical updates for java and for flash.

We really need to upgrade to SL6.6 and SL7.1; the former in particular because lots of EPEL packages no longer build against SL6.5.

We should be using more memory on our VMs, particularly the old ones with only 512M. We'll bump those up to 1G. This can apparently be done on the fly by "ballooning"; Chris will try this and document it.

This week

  • Alastair
    • EL7 project
      • Try a DIYDICE SL6_64 install (note, not EL7)
      • Look for blog posts to link into final report
      • DIYDICE - check re VDA and SDA
      • DIYDICE theme for EL7 ? Do we need it ?
      • update T1 figures in final report
      • Consider what could go in DICE release notes
    • Inventory project
      • reload into brain
      • read Chris's writeup of orders files - and comment
    • RT 65774 - try two identical monitors on my machineIainR has two identical monitors on his SL6 box and doesn't encounter the problem
    • Need to remove default bridge from kvmtool create
    • Consider more cores as default for KVM guests
    • Look at KVM server loading
    • Schedule firmware upgrade for DS3254
    • Look at SL6 KVM guest reboot hangs - tried reboot of brent and hjaelpe (both have local homedir) with no problems, but zipvm1 (AFS homedir, virtualbox) did hang for a couple of minutes, but galavm4 (AFS home dir, virtualbox ) didn't
    • Read KVM enhancement project proposal - DISCUSS (add here what you wanted to discuss)]
    • Install comodo certificate for
    • Finish off KVM status page
    • Revisit upstream package list sync

  • Chris
    • EL7
      • Consider what could go in DICE release notes
      • Documentation on how to change default window manager
    • url shortener
    • Inventory project
      • Continue reading stuff in project home page
      • meet with Alastair to discuss where next
    • Install comodo certificate for wake.inf
    • Revisit upstream package list sync
    • Look at upgrading 512MB KVM guests to 1GB (memory ballooning?)

  • Stephen
    • LCFG client refactor stage 1
      • schedule debrief meeting
    • EL7
      • Consider what could go in DICE release notes
    • LCFG client refactor stage 2
      • finish off C code
    • Look at 32 bit libraries mock issue (LCFG deployer)
    • Test northern's SAS disks in metropolitan
    • Junk central
    • Think about PD - Interested in ZeroMQ
    • Add extra memory to waterloo (and if those work, order up more memory for hammersmith)
    • Check upstream package header sync documentation
    • Think about who should do 6.6 and 7.1 updates

-- AlastairScobie - 22 Apr 2015

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