MPU Meeting Wednesday 24th June 2013


Alastair's done a test implementation of the history table, which he will document before going on to do a brain dump of the work so far.

Login Logs

The final report has been written and the project is waiting to be considered for sign-off at the next development meeting.


The final report has been written and the project is waiting to be considered for sign-off at the next development meeting.

Virtual DICE

Chris is having problems importing a virtual machine. It worked a few weeks ago but now consistently fails with an error like this. It's not a space problem either on the exporting or importing machine; several importing machines have been tried, all Macs; they're running several different versions of the OS; several versions of VirtualBox have been tried; a number of different VM configurations have been tried; the VirtualBox manual and wiki don't seem much help; even the internet search engines just turn up problems which aren't similar enough to help in this case. Alastair and Stephen have suggested some new straws to clutch at:

  • double check the disk space again
  • fill in the form diligently when exporting the VM
  • Give Alastair a go at importing the VMs
  • Try importing to another Linux box

Stephen has pointed out a problem which may hit once the VirtualBox problem has been solved: when Unix authentication is used rather than kerberos authentication, the pam stack still proceeds to the AFS session module, which in this case will fail for lack of a Kerberos ticket. The pam stack may need some adjustment to get round this.

Chris has noticed that the first login after booting a VM takes about 30 seconds longer than subsequent logins. The delay is probably simply down to GNOME being loaded into memory; it's large and involves dozens of processes.

LCFG Client Refactoring

Stephen is writing up some notes on how the LCFG client works.

Misc Devel



Oyster, the new KVM server
It's now on FibreChannel. We now need to schedule the move of metropolitanpool1 to oyster. We plan to do it on 8 August.
8300 installs
The new 8300 desktops have been exposing some sort of network problem. In some circumstances installations of 8300s have been slowing to a crawl then failing. In other circumstances they've been fine. The problem seems to happen where a network hub is involved (e.g. in the support office) and not where a switch is used (e.g. in the labs). However to make sure that the AT router isn't somehow involved Stephen will try installing multiple 8300s on a hub in the Forum. He'll also look for any other models with the same chipset and check to see if they seem similarly affected.
Release testing
The need to test both office and lab profiles, and 6.3 and 6.4, and 32 bit and 64 bit, and upgrades and installs, means that we're currently doing far too much testing. After some discussion we reckoned that we could get rid of quite a few of the possible test combinations. Stephen will compare notes with Richard (when available) and reduce the tests only to those which are strictly necessary then write them up on the release procedures page. He'll also slip in a small server test while he's at it. It's worth noting here that for SL7 we expect to drop 32 bit and support only 64 bit.
New LCFG slaves
Now that oyster is up and running we have two fast KVM servers. Chris will prepare a couple of new LCFG slaves to run on them. By special request they will answer to the names lcfg1 and lcfg2.

Personal Development


This Week

  • Alastair
    • Start Inventory project diary
    • Inventory project
      • Brain dump
      • Submit bug/enh to App::Cmd author wrt option to die on unspecified options
      • Pester George about location API
    • Order a spare 600GB disk for waterloo.
    • Determine next project for Stephen.
    • Server reboots
      • metropolitan KVM server and dealing with its guests - 8th August - update firmware if necessary
    • Discuss NFS installroot problem with George - so why stopped working???
    • Ask George - what does the TXretransmit value mean for switch connections?

  • Chris
    • Virtualised DICE image
      • Continue work with local password/group and home dirs (and maybe auth)
    • Some MPU server reboots with 6.4 upgrade
    • Schedule metropolitan -> oyster moves for 8th August
    • Waterloo and oyster -> 6.4
    • New LCFG slaves on waterloo and oyster

  • Stephen
    • Some MPU server reboots with 6.4 upgrade
    • Client refactoring project
      • finish docs
      • write more tests
    • Chase kernel upgrades
    • 6.4 out
    • Further investigation wrt AT / HP 8300 updaterpms issues
    • discuss release testing variants with Richard and then document.

  • Carol
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