MPU Meeting Tuesday 4th June 2013


Nothing much happened this week as Alastair has been finishing off the insurance survey.

Login Logs Viewer

Stephen sent out the first monthly emails.

A few optimisations were needed:

  • It needed to ignore accounts not corresponding to real people - for example conserver which makes thousands of logins per month. It was generating a summary then checking for an email address in LDAP. It now checks LDAP first, and if it doesn't find an email address then it doesn't generate a summary for that account. This made the processing much quicker.
  • The query was collating all user IDs from each authentication event. Excluding "null" user IDs again made the processing far quicker.
  • A minor tweak was needed to the date checking.
The mail run should execute automatically from next month.

Stephen got some good feedback - people seem pleased, and are checking their login records. People had a number of questions about them. Once we know the common ones we'll write them up on

The plan now for the project is to finish documenting the code; write some admin notes; and write the final report.

Sleep Enhancements

The newer lcfg-sleep went in last week. The daily sleep reports show that more hosts are now sleeping than before, and the power graphs show that power consumption has dropped. Chris will now write up the final report.

Virtual DICE

It should clarify things for this project if Chris writes down the various ways in which a DICE-like VM could be expected to work, and how each of these might be achieved. For example people might login to a guest account then authenticate to their own DICE account and access their AFS homedir via a standard symlink; a DICE account could work when connected to the network; a DICE account could work with no network; etc.

Opening up UDP ports 88 and 7000-7007, along with upgrading VirtualBox to 4.2, seems to have solved the AFS problems.

LCFG Client Refactoring

Stephen is blogging about his progress. In particular he's blogged recently about splitting the node name from the host name.

Stephen has also been reforming the way profiles are stored on the client. In the old client profiles in the local domain were stored differently to those in other domains: those in the local domain used a short hostname while those in other domains were stored under a fully qualified long hostname. V2 of the client now stores all profiles under the longname and symlinks to them using the shortname for compatibility. This change seems OK so far in limited testing so it may go to the develop release soon for further tests there. The V3 code will only use the fully qualified long version of the names, eliminating the short "compatibility" symlinks. The LCFG::Resources module has been changed to follow suit. A big bonus from all this is that qxprof uses full domain names so can now easily query any node's resources. The installroot has been changed. Setting the node on the PXE command line now uses the "setnode" command. This is all going to be collected together into a live header.

The API is being documented as are other aspects of the project.

The project needs to produce a good test suite to ease the pain of future work on the code.

Miscellaneous Development

Stephen partially fixed LCFG bug 658. It was possible to get differently named tags to load the same module multiple times, which didn't break the configuration but did lead to lots of complaints from Apache. The module paths are now made unique before the Apache configuration files are generated. He will also look at apacheconf tags in headers with a view to updating their names to reflect those of 2.2 Apache modules rather than 1.3 modules.


Server reboots for the kernel update
Chris will figure out which servers need a reboot and split the job between himself and Stephen.
Fibrechannel docs
Alastair refreshed the FibreChannel docs to refer to SL6 and to update the multipath section.
KVM migration problems
It has turned out to be impossible to migrate a VM from circle to waterloo as circle is running a more recent libvirt.
Tracking project effort
We'll supply our time figures every week from now on, to help keep track of how much effort is going into each project.
When 6.4 is available Chris will update the installroot kernel.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • Educate individuals about inappropriate KVM guest sizes
    • Start Inventory project diary
    • Inventory project
      • Look at App::Cmd
      • Pester George about location API
      • Brain dump
    • Review outstanding LCFG bugs for prioritisation
    • Order a spare 600GB disk for waterloo.
    • Determine next project for Stephen.

  • Chris
    • Virtualised DICE image
      • Enumerate different modes of operation on a wiki page
      • Producing guest-only VM for people to try out
    • Review outstanding LCFG bugs for prioritisation
    • Distribute MPU server reboots (for new kernel) amongst MPU
    • Investigate Dell 780 BIOS update - perhaps PXE FreeDos ?

  • Stephen
    • Start on SL6.4 upgrade
    • Some MPU server reboots

  • Carol
-- AlastairScobie - 04 Jun 2013
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