MPU Meeting Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Security Enhancements

Stephen has tweaked the rkhunter docs and added more for BuzzSaw, he reckons there is now enough information in place for local needs.

The final report has been written and circulated around MPU for comments. This will be submitted for sign-off at the May development meeting. Alastair suggested pulling together a list of things we need to follow-up on.


Alastair has started the project, mostly doing preparatory investigations and some personal development work familiarising himself with the DBIx::Class Perl module.

We need to think about how to provide a ordershost style query interface. Given that this is being done in the school database, how does that fit in with theon and webmark/reform?

Alastair is developing a prototype schema, this needs a lot of careful though on what will work well. In particular, we need the ability to track the validity of some information (e.g. hostname, location, ownership), this could be done with a simple set of history tables which are used to keep timestamped logs of changes to certain information.

Login Logs Viewer

Nothing happened.

Sleep Enhancements

We now have a number of volunteer beta testers using the new features of the sleep component.

Chris noted that Bruce Duncan in the School of Engineering is interested in using the sleep component on their desktop machines. There seems to be some worries about this regular sleep reducing the lifespan of hardware. We don't think that should be an issue anymore, modern hardware is designed to sleep. Chris has shuffled some configuration from the DICE to LCFG level to allow it to be used by other schools.

Virtual DICE

Chris has talked to RAT about teaching software requirements. This should be mostly fine, the main issues are likely to be related to software which requires access to licenses.

There are some concerns about supporting users reconfiguring their VMs (installing new packages, etc). The best solution to any problems is probably to just get them to download the latest image and start again.

LCFG Client Refactoring

Stephen has now started this project and is blogging about his progress. He has been focussing on moving most of the code out of rdxprof and into the LCFG::Client module. This will make it much easier to test and maintain. This step has taken a bit longer than expected (2 days rather than 1) as it turns out the structure of the code is very peculiar.

Miscellaneous Development

The LCFG kernel component now deletes files related to source modules when they are dropped from the resources.


AMD/ATI Catalyst
It turns out that webots will work acceptably with the latest open-source radeon driver. This means that we can remove the AMD/ATI Catalyst package from all the HP DC7900 machines. We will need to roll out an update to the LCFG xfree component ahead of the next stable release so that the xorg.conf file is removed automatically. The machines might also need a reboot.

The DIYDICE documentation has now been updated.

LCFG book
We now have access to the LaTeX source for the LCFG book. Alastair has put it into coltex and given write access to MPU.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • Add virtualbox additions by default at DICE level
    • Read source/trunk/BuzzSaw/docs
    • Ship gconf
    • Educate individuals about inappropriate KVM guest sizes
    • Inventory project playing
    • RT tickets
    • Wipe old machines (mousa, prague)
    • Review outstanding LCFG bugs

  • Chris
    • Fix DIYDICE to be SL6.3
    • RT tickets
    • Virtualised DICE image
    • Wipe old machines (split, ratz, lochranza)
    • Review outstanding LCFG bugs

  • Stephen
    • deploy new lcfg-xfree component
    • RT tickets
    • Wipe old machines (rydell, tobermory, trondra)
    • LCFG client code cleanup
    • Review outstanding LCFG bugs

  • Carol
    • carry out an audit to make sure that all guests are still required to free up resources for new guests, shouldn't leave unused, half-managed machines lying around

-- AlastairScobie - 02 Apr 2013

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