MPU Meeting Tuesday 5th February 2013

SL6 Server Upgrades

There's now only one VMware VM left, rendall aka forumtracker, very soon to be folded into the new RT4 service. In the meantime there's now a final report page for the project; we should all flesh out our bits of it.

Security Enhancements

Nothing this week.


Alastair's not going to start work on this project until the documentation project is finished, which might be at the end of the month.

Login Logs Viewer

Stephen has found that our data protection declaration entitles us to store personal data for 120 days rather than 26 weeks as we had thought. We can keep data older than that if it's been anonymised. He's written a script which anonymises data older than 120 days. Events in the BuzzSaw database have a tag and some extra info. The script deletes the extra info. It also deletes the raw message and any User ID information. Ultimately Stephen hopes that we'll build up enough information to enable us to ask questions such as "Is this a normal Monday?"

The monthly login summaries will be mailed out starting at the beginning of March.

Sleep Enhancements

Stephen will give Chris access to the BuzzSaw database on loghost.

Chris has a number of ideas to pursue but the Increasing Energy Savings On DICE Desktops project only has two weeks total time allocated to it so we'll have to pick and choose. He'll concentrate on X idleness detection.

Misc Devel

LCFG autobuild
This is now live. It'll be in this week's stable release and will be announced on Thursday at the LCFG Developers' Meeting. It's called LCFG Builder.
LCFG sleep clears wake alarm
The LCFG sleep component on SL6 now clears its wake alarm when it stops; this should stop machines from turning themselves on after having been powered off. SL5 machines will get a different fix for the problem: LCFG sleep has been entirely withdrawn from SL5.
OpenAFS and refreshpkgs
The new OpenAFS 1.6.2pre3 version has got refreshpkgs working in a timely fashion once more.


SL 6.1 deletion
Stephen suggested that we could now delete our copy of the SL 6.1 packages as they're entirely unused and are using up 22GB of space. We agreed; he'll do it.
Autoreboot on Develop
Stephen suggested that machines on the develop release and using live/mp-unit.h could use autoreboot. We agreed; he'll do it.
Alastair has added hp2, a SAN-based storage pool, to hammersmith. We should initially be cautious about using it for anything other than low criticality machines until we're sure that it's set up properly.
Migration Warnings
We agreed to give managers of high/medium VMs advance warning of KVM migrations.
/dev LVM links for migrated VMs
When a KVM virtual machine has been migrated, its LVM volume will have moved to a new storage pool. When the VM next starts afresh it will find the location of its LVM volume from its XML definition file. However until that happens it has the fixed idea that its volume is in the original storage pool. In order for its process to successfully restart following suspension or migration it needs to have a link in /dev to make it look as if the old storage pool is there. We're not sure what to do about this. We'd like quicker fresh restarts of migrated VMs, and we'd like to avoid creating a mess of symlinks in /dev, but we'd also like to have VMs capable of being restarted from suspension at all times, rather than needing manual intervention and specialist knowledge. One to ponder.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • flesh out SL6 project report Didn't work on the SL6 project?
    • think about kvm /dev links issue (file component) I don't like it, but can't think of a better solution
    • Check whether console wire is accessible on DICE desktops In principle, but George not happy. Perhaps use web browser on marriner. George thinking about
    • Daily KVM report - display unattached volumes.
    • Look at whether can determine current pool being used for migrated guests using libvirt (for mail reports)
    • Educate individuals about inappropriate KVM guest sizes
    • Look at whether can remove screensavers Nope
    • Look at default gnome settings for DPMS display off wrt screensaver Now know what gconf settings to tweak.
    • Test kernel module package that triggers rebuildinitramfs for certain package install/updates (once kernel component fixed)
    • Systems blog article on the KVM Service
    • Create an MPU KVM server header
    • Document ssh keys mgmt - windows
    • Stargaze
    • Review action list
    • Schedule individual MPU membership meetings into diary

  • Stephen
    • flesh out SL6 project report
    • writeup buzzsaw documentation
    • give Chris access to buzzsaw db
    • Further testing of latest lcfg-kernel and then roll out
    • MPU machines on develop -> autoreboot
    • Document ssh keys mgmt - macos http://docproj/using-ssh-macos
    • Review action list

-- AlastairScobie 05 Feb 2013, -- ChrisCooke 06 Feb 2013

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