MPU Meeting Tuesday 8 January 2013

Server Upgrades

There are two SL5 servers left, not counting the build hosts and so on:

  • central is still running VMware for hatchend (ISS RT), rendall (Forumtracker RT) and seacliffe (RAT licence server)
  • nelson will continue to host the git not-a-service until that gets moved elsewhere.

Security Enhancements

There hasn't been much activity on this project. There's still some documentation to finish off. Stephen aims to sign off the project at February's development meeting.


No activity.

Login Logs

Stephen produced a running prototype of the system before Christmas. He's now reworking the code, tidying it up and building in more cacheing of queries to ease the load on the database.

He aims to get a working system rolled out then go back and enhance the graphing features.

Stephen has also been spending time learning more Python. Some features are better than in Perl, some worse, but matplotlib in particular is excellent and highly recommended.


The sleep BuzzSaw filter hasn't been installed yet but when it is we should be able to query the results either using SQL or using a variant on the framework used for the kernel report. There may be a problem starting an X-linked idleness detection daemon: we may only be able to do it for Gnome and KDE.

Miscellaneous Development

  • Stephen reported a couple of long standing flaws in the kernel component. When the component is given the list of packages for which the source should be built into kernel modules, it stores the versions of the packages. However any packages which don't exist don't have their version number stored, and this never changes. Further additions are also not handled correctly.

  • Alastair moved a new version of libvirt from fastbugs to world.

  • Alastair asked IS how they hear about new Dell firmware updates. Apparently they just do regular manual checks.

  • Alastair reported that LVM on SL 6.3 doesn't complain about empty LVM storage pools.

  • After migration guests should be power-cycled to clear their out of date idea of which storage pool they are using.

  • Alastair is finding that when rebooting metropolitan mpath detection doesn't always work on reboot.

  • Alastair has got metropolitanpool2 up and running.

  • Chris has found out how to use the CALLBACK_UNINST_START callback in updaterpms to make it report when it is deleting a package. However no package name is passed back. Chris is going to try using this to make a progress indicator for package deletion.

  • Chris found that migration of KVM domains with multiple disks doesn't work, or at least is by default refused by libvirt, unless the disks were attached with cache=none.


  • refreshpkgs should be made to use AFS Command.

  • We have been having a problem with AFS volumes not updating after package submission for up to 25 minutes. This seems to have started when the package volumes were moved to an AFS 1.6 server. A report of this problem appeared in 2006.

  • Stephen has spotted a race condition in refreshpkgs where a package submission doesn't get noticed by refreshpkgs if it happens between the start of processing of a package volume and when the refreshpkgs timestamp for that processed volume is updated.

  • setpag can't be done using AFS Command so we'll need our own Perl XS wrapper to do it.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • Look at whether can remove screensavers
    • Look at default gnome settings for DPMS display off wrt screensaver
    • Test kernel module package that triggers rebuildinitramfs for certain package install/updates (once kernel component fixed)
    • Systems blog article on the KVM Service
    • Create an MPU KVM server header
    • Document ssh keys mgmt - windows
    • Stargaze
    • Innovative teaching - look at whether LCFG vm still usable.
    • Look at whether can determine current pool being used for migrated guests using libvirt (for mail reports)

  • Chris
    • Sleep project
    • Continue looking at updaterpms wrt reporting on packages to be deleted
    • Document ssh keys mgmt - macos http://docproj/using-ssh-macos
    • Update KVM servers to 6.3

  • Stephen
    • Login logs. Prototype -> Implementation
    • Document how to author buzzsaw reports
    • Finish off kernel component - missing triggers issue
    • Document ssh keys mgmt - linux http://docproj/using-ssh-linux
    • Ask openafs community re potential volume update bug

-- AlastairScobie - 08 Jan 2013

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