MPU Meeting Tuesday 11th December 2012

SL6 Server Upgrades

There have been some OOM problems on the VM brouwer which is temporarily being used as the package master during the upgrade to SL6. Having now upgraded brendel to SL6 and moved everything back it turns out that this is not an issue, it was just due to the VM not having been allocated sufficient memory to handle running createrepo on large repositories.

Chris has spotted that there is an issue with the version of createrepo on SL6 when the --checkts (check timestamps) option is enabled. He will try to come up with a simple test case.

The web server is mostly ready to be moved to an SL6 server. The only sticking pointing is getting the theming correct with the latest version of TWiki. In particular, Stephen has had no luck with getting the top banner to look reasonable. We could try other themes, Alastair will take a quick look and see if he can find a solution. If not we will have to decide if we want to stick with the old version of TWiki or upgrade to SL6 and then work on a fix for the theme.

Security Enhancements

Nothing has happened.


Nothing has happened.

Login Logs Viewer

Stephen has developed a prototype of the web interface which will allow users to examine their authentication logs. This has been viewed by COs and some good suggestions have been made as to how it can be improved.

Partly as a personal development exercise, this has been written in Python using the Django framework. This is a really nice framework which takes a similar approach to some of the web interfaces we have developed in Perl using the combination of Catalyst, DBIx::Class and Template Toolkit.

Sleep Enhancements

Chris has worked through the documentation on writing BuzzSaw filters and has produced one for selecting the sleep component related entries. He will send the code to Stephen for review and inclusion into the repository. Using this we will be able to analyse how many machines were sleeping over the Christmas break.

Misc Devel

kernel rebuildinitramfs
Alastair has fixed the new kernel component rebuildinitramfs method so that it works correctly.

qlogic firmware
The firmware files for the qlogic drivers are not in the installbase which means they are not included in the initramfs which is built during the first phase of the install. This is not a problem on machines using the multipath component since it triggers a later rebuild at a point when the files are available. This doesn't work for single-path machines, the only short-term fix is to put the qlogic packages into the dice installbase. This is clearly not a general solution for handling firmware files which need to be included in the initramfs. We also don't want to hardwire a rebuild of the initramfs for all machines at the end of the install process as it is slow and only required on a few machines. The best approach is going to be to use the kernel component to trigger a rebuild when the firmware packages change (or first become available) in a similar way to how the kernel modules (e.g. virtualbox) are handled.

multipath on SL6
By default on SL6 multipath creates 2 paths per device, we configure it to only manage devices with 2 real paths which avoids the need for blacklists for devices such as local disks. This makes the configuration much simpler but introduces a problem where we might want to have multipath running on a machine with only a single-path to a SAN device. The solution for now is to set the multipath.find_multipaths resource to no and then (possibly) have to blacklist some local devices.


R710 firmware
Chris has checked and we don't currently need any firmware updates for the Dell R710.

There is a version of libvirt in the SL6 fastbugs repository which we would like to use. We will copy the RPMs into the world bucket rather than add the fastbugs repository to the standard rpmpath.

non-sleeping machines
Chris will ask Carol to check through the machines which have the sleep component disabled and find out if any can now have it re-enabled.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • Look at theming
    • Create a kernel module package that triggers rebuildinitramfs for certain package install/updates - needs a fix to the kernel component (to not ignore missing triggers)
    • New libvirt-client from fastbugs into world bucket
    • Ask IS what they do for getting info on Dell firmware updatesThey manually check on a regular basis.
    • Systems blog article on the KVM Service
    • Report libvirt empty LVM group issue to Redhat, unless fixed in 6.3Can't reproduce the problem under 6.3
    • create an MPU KVM server header
    • Document ssh keys mgmt - windows
    • Stargaze
    • Reboot metropolitan - need to reboot migrated guests to remove dependencies on /dev/ softlinks, mpath detection flakey
    • Tell Carol about her list at bottom
    • Innovative teaching - look at whether LCFG vm still usable.

  • Chris
    • Upgrade pkgmaster, attempting to fix createrepo timestamp problem first
    • Document ssh keys mgmt - macos
    • Sleep project

  • Stephen
    • Continue with login logs
    • Document ssh keys mgmt - linux

  • Carol
    • Chris - check currency of in various machines

-- AlastairScobie - 11 Dec 2012

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