MPU Meeting Tuesday 7th February 2012

LCFG Server Refactoring

Mousa is now successfully running the new LCFG server software on SL6. There appear to be some issues with rsync between mousa and tobermory (the master). It may be that the newer rsync on mousa is less tolerant of delays in syncing from a possibly heavily loaded source. There was discussion about the frequency of server polling and the number of machines actually rsyncing off tobermory. It was suggested to cull some of these and review the connection options.


This has gone for sign-off. Operational issues remain with e.g. 745s and 755s. Some of these may be due to the new kernel. Chris will look at Redhat's Bugzilla to see if there are any pointers.

Simple KVM Service

Iain is going to add a 'rvirsh' command as a shell function in the bash defenv setup. Please do not use virt-manager to install machines. This has been changed in the documentation. (If units are running their own KVM host servers then they can do what they want, but not on the MPU provided servers). Wake.inf will be moved to the KVM service on bakerloo.

Server Upgrades

Chris has been trying to work out how to upgrade ashkenazy with mixed results. There was some discussion about mod_waklog (linking doesn't work on 64 bit) and which server upgrades are blocked by AFS server (awaiting 1.6.? fix). It was agreed the LCFG master (tobermory) could be upgraded, but defaults files for SL6 would be needed. Could also do trondra, but might like to resolve the rsync issues as seen on mousa first. Diydice has already been done. Sauce could also be done. Cochin, brendel and telford are all blocked just now. Check with George that rfe-server works on SL6. Chris will create an SL6 VM as a copy of tobermory. There may be issues with rmirror/rsync, subversion and web-svn.The PkgForge server can't be upgraded yet due to AFS issues, nor the LCFG website because of FC/multipath.

Miscellaneous Development

The mpath component has been merged into the multipath one which is now default on SL6, as opposed to using the file component for multipath configs.

boot component fixes
docs have been fixed. Now has a .really resource. Try to eradicate xxd and xxp from our headers.

boot component errors
complains more if scripts don't start right. There are rootmail logs of components not starting right. Could be timing issue. Chris to provide example if he sees it again.

Grub component
root.uuid - / is mounted on /root at install time. This is now fixed, but need to wait to turn root.uuid back on next week once it's throughthe stable release.

Virtual hardware
add LCFG level - virtual hardware header


installroot and pkgs got out of sync. Stephen forgot to move a link by hand. Should be documented in how to build PXE root. Stephen to check procedure correctly documented.

inf level - lcfg-server.h - exists for testing a non-DICE server, so we see things before they hit tobermory. Compiles it's own profile. Inf level SL6 headers will need some work, e.g. PAM stack changes.

still to be done waiting for services unit (SAN space?)

Spare Memory
Alison organising anti-static bags and better sorting (CEG action)

Stephen had mailed round about MPU websites with cookies, after the last meeting. The wiki needs an identifier to work. We may need to put a banner on LCFG bugzilla about cookies use, if we don't upgrade before the May deadline.

This Week

  • Alastair
    • kvm project - virsh wrapper
    • Help Chris with SL6 inf layer (for ashkenazy)
    • Arrange figgy (with replacement RAID card) to go to KB
    • Discuss with George - how rack desktop servers in AT and IF
    • Learn about Theon (wrt RAT and inventory)

  • Chris
    • Look at upgrading tobermory to SL6 (via a temporary VM)
    • SL6 inf layer
    • Replace ashkenazy with new KVM based SL6 server (on northern) - and compare profile generated with that generated by ashkenazy
    • PD - local url shortener implementation (for not-a-service)

  • Stephen
    • RAT work
    • Consider PD - concrete task

-- AlastairScobie - 07 Feb 2012

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