MPU Meeting Tuesday 8th November 2011

AFS automation project

Nothing happened.

LCFG Server Refactoring

Nothing happened.

Install Scripts

The report's on the blog. Chris will send a note to everyone who responded, and check the blog for withheld comments.


Chris has the wolclient and wolconf components running on test machines and a suitable-looking configuration file is being generated. Next we need a virtual web server, a CGI script and some use of secure remctl to pass messages to a suitable network infrastructure machine to get it to actually send the Magic Packet. Hopefully it'll all be up and running this week.

Simple KVM Service

Alastair looked at the possibility of using LVM. He tried using Matthew's component, configured a storage pool, and everything worked first time. The performance is better than the filesystem-based alternative. However using LVM would mean full pre-allocation of disk space. He reckons on 15GB for a small virtual server. This would mean that we had disk space for more than 30 servers on a 500GB partition.

Server Upgrades

Stephen upgraded schiff. One problem was encountered, with NFS, which was that rpcbind was being tied down by tcpwrappers to localhost only.

We've decided to do firmware upgrades while machines are down for OS upgrades.

Miscellaneous Development

Stephen has been working on the desktop ssh header. When complete it will have a live header which will let us close all desktop ssh holes in one move. It also has Fail2Ban.


After power-cycling the KB Sataboy, the KB test FC setup was happy and functional even with northern running SL6. Alastair's theory is that we'll just need to power-cycle the remaining SAN boxes to fix the SL6 FC woes. This theory will be tested on Thursday when Craig power-cycles the KB infrastructure. After Craig has finished, Alastair will reboot piccadilly.

  • Alastair
    • Complete KVM documentation + beta service
    • Piccadilly reboot on Thursday
    • Pass BIOS settings to USU
    • Look at SL6 server stuff

  • Chris
    • WOL project
    • PD
    • Look at SL6 server stuff
    • Add hwmon to relevant dice headers

  • Stephen
    • Complete report on ssh compromise
    • Documentation for LCFG audit components and consider how to deploy
    • Replace rockefeller with dunlin (student.ssh)
    • LCFG project

-- AlastairScobie - 08 Nov 2011

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